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Appendix 7

Appendix 7

Coordination & Oversight: Positions, Reports, Committees
Assessment Positions

Assistant Provost. TheAssistantProvostisa.5FTE positonintheOfficeoftheProvost.TheAssistant Provost reports to the Provost and assists with program review, new program approval processes, special academic projects (for example, computerization & experiential learning), and the assessment program. 

Director of Institutional Research. The Director of Institutional Research is a full-time position. Head of the Office of Institutional Research, the Director is assisted by a full time institutional research analyst. The Office of Institutional Research produces external and internal reports and provides data management support. The Director of Institutional Research reports to the Provost. 

Director of Assessment and Planning, General Education. The Director of Assessment and Planning in the General Education coordinates assessment in general education. (Position created through restructuring in the General Education.) 


A student tracking file integrated with the student record system (developed by the Student Information System Task Force, Spring-Fall 1994) should improve access to information about off-campus and transfer students. Adoption of a standard course evaluation form for all classes should provide a means for obtaining aggregated data about off-campus courses. 

Ad Hoc Reports. Results of special assessment activities are reported in meetings of Administrative Council, Deans Council, College Council, Student Affairs Council, and other collegial bodies. 

Accent on Assessment A newsletter distributed campus-wide. Contains information about developments and trends in assessment and summaries of results of assessment. 

Annual Departmental Reports. As of FY94, all academic departments prepare annual reports containing an assessment component. The reports are submitted to the college dean for review and shared with the office of the Provost. 


Assessment Review Committee. Created as an ad hoc committee in 1992 to evaluate and revise the University's assessment plan, the Assessment Review Committee became a standing committee in Fall 1994 and reports to the Provost. 

    Charge: To oversee, coordinate, and review implementation and administration of the University's assessment plan. 
    Membership: A faculty representative from each college; a representative of the General Education; a representative of the Graduate Studies and Extended Learning; a representative of Student Affairs; a representative of Finance and Administration; an expert faculty consultant (non-voting); student representatives; the Director of Institutional Research; the Assistant Provost. 
    1994-95 Deborah Beard Harrison College of Business
    1994-97  Dalton Curtis  College of Education 
    1994-96 Michael Parker College of Health and Human Services 
    1994-95 Doug Atwood College of Liberal Arts
    1994-97 Anthony Duben College of Science and Technology
    1994-96 Sheila Caskey Graduate Studies and Extended Learning
    1994-96 Irene Ferguson Student Affairs
    1994-96 Al Stoverink Finance and Administration
    1994-96 Firooz Hekmat Expert Faculty Consultant (Marketing)
    1994-95 Ellen Brenneman Student Representative
    1994-95 Jason LeGrand Student Representative
    N/R David Green General Education, Director of Planning & Assessment 
    N/R Unfilled Director of Institutional Research
    N/R Dennis Holt Assistant Provost
General Education Assessment Committee. Approved by the General Education Council in Fall 1993, the General Education Assessment Committee is charged with advising the Director of Assessment and Planning in General Education on matters related to coordination, development, and review of General Education assessment activities. Membership includes representatives from all colleges. 

Student Affairs Assessment Committee. The Student Affairs Committee is charged with overseeing assessment activities in Student Affairs. An assessment plan for Student Affairs was developed and approved by the Committee in Fall 1994. Membership includes representatives from all units with Student Affairs. 

University Planning Committee. The University Planning Committee is charged with identifying and assessing progress towards institutional goals and objectives. From November 1992 through March 1993, the Committee undertook a midterm review of institutional goals and objectives for 1990-1995. Among the goals evaluated was the implementation of a systematic assessment plan for all University programs. 

Administrative Council. Administrative Council is charged with advising the President and sharing information about the operations and activities of various administrative divisions of the University. Included are representatives from all divisions, faculty senate, student government, and the colleges and schools.


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