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Assessing and Reporting Course-level Student Learning Outcomes

Assessment of Course-level Student Learning Outcomes like writing SLOs is a straightforward process. Keeping it simple is important. Using what you are already doing as much as possible helps keep the process simple. Reporting SLOs is tied to assessment. Key is knowing what data will be reported and how it will be reported. You can work back from that to help determine how to develop and implement the assessments. You will have to determine what it means to meet an SLO. In the case of multiple sections of a course, there needs to be consistency across sections on what it means to meet an SLO, even if the assessments used are different between sections. The last component is validation. It is important that the assessments are validated by someone else in the department. This could be via multiple instructors of a given course, a curriculum committee, the chair, etc.

The process in summary:

  1. Develop the assessment
  2. Validate the assessment
  3. Determine what it means to meet the SLO
  4. Implement the assessment
  5. Record the results of the assessment
  6. Determine the final data to be reported
  7. Report the SLOs
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