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Team Membership

Members of the Funding for Results Committee 2018-2019

Ex-Officio Members
Bethany Alden-Rivers Associate Provost Provost Office
Debbie Below VP Enrollment Management and Student Success
Faculty Representatives
Jonathan Kessler F18-Sp21 College of STEM (3 years)
Suhair Amer F18-Sp21 Harrison College of Business and Computing (3 years)
Jayanti Ray F18-Sp20 College of Education, Health and Human Studies (2 years)
Jonathan Hayes F18-Sp21 College of Humanities and Social Sciences (3 years)
Roxanne Wellington F18-Sp20 Holland College of Arts and Media (2 years)
John Baken F18-Sp20 Kent Library (2 years)
Other Members
Joe Pujol F18-Sp21 Chairpersons' Forum
Kim Wilkerson F17-Sp20 CTS Staff Council
Diana Rogers-Adkinson F18-Sp21 Council of Deans
Katie Foshee F17-Sp20 Professional Staff Council
At Large Members
Chuck McAllister F18-Sp20 At Large (2 years)
Kenn Stilson F18-Sp21 At Large (3 years)
Santaneel Ghosh F18-Sp20 At Large (2 years)
Francis Tayie F18-Sp21 At Large (3 years)
Paul Madlock F18-Sp20 At Large (2 years)
Student Representatives
Caleb Ellenberg F18-Sp19 Undergraduate Student
Claire Morrill F18-Sp19 Undergraduate Student
Kacee Kullum F18-Sp19 Graduate Student


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
One University Plaza, MS 3400
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701
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