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Calendar Year 2021

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for ten-day review. The most recent postings are listed first. The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.

If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal.

College Codes
  • AM:  Holland College of Arts and Media
  • BC:  Harrison College of Business and Computing
  • EH:  College of Education, Health, and Human Studies
  • HS:  College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • SC:  College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Posted College Course # Course Title View PDF Status
06/03/2021 EH PY575 Theories of Leadership PY575 Complete
05/25/2021 HS WH150 Ancient World Civilizations WH150 Complete
05/25/2021 HS WH160 Modern World Civilizations WH160 Complete
05/20/2021 AM AR299 Creative Problem Solving AR299 Complete
05/06/2021 EH CF602 Trauma-Informed Care CF602 Complete
05/07/2021 AM AR847 Paper, Book and Fibers Workshop AR847 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR485 Topics in Interactive Design AR485 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR484 Visual Literacy: The Culture of Images AR484 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR480 3D Production for Interactive Media AR480 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR448 Photography & New Media Seminar AR448 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR447 Topics in New Media AR447 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR428 Alternative Process Image Making AR428 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR423 Visual Narratives  AR423 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR418 Transformational Image Making AR418 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR416 Visual Branding Design AR416 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR409 Illustration AR409 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR407 Design for Social Good AR407 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR384 Lighting Theory AR384 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR381 UX/UI Design AR381 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR337 Interactive Design AR337 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR328 Photography Fundamentals AR328 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR327 Web Design AR327 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR324 Time Based Media AR324 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR323 Introduction to Photography & New Media AR323 Complete
05/06/2021 AM AR322 Typography AR322 Complete
05/06/2021  AM   AR284 Perspective and Image Making  AR284 Complete
05/06/2021  AM  AR180 Introduction to Design Software  AR180 Complete
05/06/2021  AM AH337 Issues in Modern Architecture   AH337 Complete
05/06/2021 AM DA130 Ballroom Dance 1 DA130 Complete
05/06/2021 AM DA140 Conditioning for Dance DA140 Complete
05/06/2021 AM DA280 Movement Analysis DA280 Complete
05/06/2021 AM DA331 Aerial Arts II DA331 Complete
05/06/2021 AM DA465 Advanced Techniques and Styles DA465 Complete
05/06/2021 AM DA480 Careers in Dance DA480 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH111 Introduction to Theatre Design and Techology TH111 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH228 Acting II TH228 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH286 Audio Production TH286 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH287 Production Engineering for Live Performance TH287 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH291 Properties Construction TH291 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH327 Auditioning II TH327 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH328 Acting III TH328 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH329 Acting IV TH329 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH353 Costume Crafts TH353 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH356 Wig and Makeup Design II TH356 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH361 Scenic Painting TH361 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH387 Playwriting TH387 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH411 Musical Theatre Vocal Styles TH411 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH419 Acting for Film & Television II TH419 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH432 Stage Combat III TH432 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH482 Projection Design TH482 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH487 Playwright-Director Collaboration TH487 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH488 Senior Portfolio for Acting and Musical Theatre TH488 Complete
05/06/2021 AM TH491 Musical Theatre History TH491 Complete
05/06/2021 Provost GR603 Seminar on College Teaching GR603 Complete
05/06/2021 Provost UI101 Student Success Strategies UI101 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI412 Native American Literature LI412 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI417 Writing Race and Gender in the South LI417 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI426 Gender and Sexuality in Literary Studies LI426 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI434 African American Literature before 1900 LI434 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI435 African American Literature since 1900 LI435 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI470 Immigration in Literature and Film LI470 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI568 Masculinities in the 19th Century American Novel LI568 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI612 Native American Literature LI612 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI617 Writing Race and Gender in the South LI617 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI626 Gender and Sexuality in Literary Studies LI626 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI634 African American Literature before 1900 LI634 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI635 African American Literature since 1900 LI635 Complete
05/06/2021 HS LI670 Immigration in Literature and Film LI670 Complete
05/04/2021 BC CY320 Information Security in Systems Administration CY320 Complete
05/04/2021 BC CY310 Information Security and Assurance CY310 Complete
05/04/2021 BC CY201 Introduction to Cybersecurity CY201 Complete
05/04/2021 HS SW346 Substance Use Disorders SW346 Complete
05/04/2021 HS SW344 Human Sexuality and Social Work Practice  SW344 Complete
05/04/2021 SC SO101 Introduction to Sociology  SO101 Complete
05/04/2021 SC SO201 Social Problems in Comtemporary Society SO201 Complete
05/04/2021 SC SO202 Racial and Ethnic Relations SO202 Complete
05/04/2021 SC SO321 Urban Sociology SO321 Complete
05/04/2021 SC AY105 Animal Science Experiences AY105 Complete
05/04/2021 SC AY106 System and Structure of Livestock Animals AY106 Complete
05/04/2021 SC AY455 Form and Function of Livestock Animals AY455 Complete
05/04/2021 SC PH360 Modern Physics PH360 Complete
05/04/2021 SC CH195 Chemistry Seminar 1 CH195 Complete
05/04/2021 SC CH295 Chemistry Seminar 2 CH295 Complete
05/04/2021 SC CH495 Chemistry Seminar 3 CH495 Complete
05/04/2021 SC  TN495 Network Operations II TN495 Complete
05/04/2021 SC  TN485 Network Operations I  TN485 Complete
05/04/2021  SC  MN300 Computational Analysis in Engineering Technology MN300 Complete
05/04/2021  SC  ET471 Topics in Electrical Engineering Technology  ET471 Complete
05/04/2021  SC  ET110  Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Technology ET110 Complete
05/04/2021  SC  EP481 Capstone Design II  EP481  Complete
05/04/2021  SC  EP480 Capstone Design I  EP480 Complete
05/04/2021  SC  EP365 Heat Transfer EP365 Complete
05/04/2021  SC  EP363  Fluid Mechanics  EP363 Complete
05/04/2021  SC  EP361 Engineering Thermodynamics  EP361 Complete
05/04/2021  SC  EP350 Mechanical Engineering Design  EP350 Complete
05/04/2021  SC  EP340 Electronic Circuits   EP340 Complete
05/04/2021  SC  EP242  Circuit Analysis II EP242 Complete
05/04/2021 SC  EP240 Circuit Analysis I  EP240 Complete
05/04/2021 SC EP100  Introduction to Engineering EP100 Complete
05/04/2021 SC MA438 The Nature and Growth of Mathematical Thought MA438 Complete
04/06/2021 BC AC321 Financial Accounting and Reporting I AC321 Complete
04/06/2021 BC AC332 Financial Accounting and Reporting II AC332 Complete
04/06/2021 BC AC443 Specialized Financial Accounting and Reporting Topics AC443 Complete
04/06/2021 BC MI001 Microsoft Excel Certification MI001 Complete
04/05/2021 AM AR330 Paper, Book, and Fibers AR330 Complete
03/30/2021 AM MC373 Media Ethics  MC373 Complete
03/26/2021 BC FA450 Global Fashion Marketing FA450 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC221 Digital Media Production MC221 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC231 Social Media Content Creation and Strategy MC231 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC301 Media Analytics MC301 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC304 Media Diversity MC304 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC323 Media Audio Production MC323 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC327 Media Visual Production MC327 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC334 Public Relations Research MC334 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC382 Media History MC382 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC401 Media Law MC401 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC430 Professional Strategic Communication MC430 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC431 Ethical Strategic Communication MC431 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC432 Hot Topics in Strategic Communication MC432 Complete
03/26/2021 AM AH461 Issues in Modern Art AH461 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC002 Arrow Lab MC002 Complete
03/26/2021 AM MC101 Media and Society MC101 Complete
03/17/2021 HS AN414 Human Osteology AN414 Complete
02/23/2021 BC CY501 Introduction to Cybersecurity  CY501 Complete
02/23/2021 BC CY530 Computer Network Security and Defense CY530 Complete
02/23/2021 BC CY620 Advanced Computer Forensics CY620 Complete
02/23/2021 BC CY622 Ethical Hacking CY622 Complete
02/22/2021 SC ET385 UAS Mission Planning and Applications ET385 Complete
02/22/2021 SC HO464 Hydroponics and Horticulture Technologies HO464 Complete
02/03/2021 SC EG412 Industrial Capstone Projects EG412 Complete
02/03/2021 SC ET384 UAS Law, Policy and Safety ET384 Complete
02/03/2021 SC MN412 Industrial Capstone Projects MN412 Complete
02/03/2021 SC MN512 Industrial Capstone Projects MN512 Complete
02/03/2021 SC TN295 Firewall Management TN295 Complete
02/03/2021 BC BA601 Graduate Business Statistics Essentials BA601 Complete
02/03/2021 BC BA602 Graduate Business Accounting Essentials BA602 Complete
02/03/2021 BC BA603 Graduate Business Microeconomics Essentials BA603 Complete
02/03/2021 BC BA604  Graduate Business Finance Essentials BA604 Complete
02/03/2021 BC BA605  Graduate Business Information Systems Essentials BA605 Complete
02/03/2021 BC BA606  Graduate Business Student Onboarding BA606 Complete
02/03/2021 SC AO330 Soil Health AO330 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD230 Introduction to Communication Disorders CD230 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD390 Counseling Individuals with Communication Disorders CD390 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD404 Clinical Applications in Speech-Language Pathology CD404 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD413 Written Language Disorders; Reading, Writing, and Spellling CD413 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD480 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology for Speech and Hearing CD480 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD484 Introduction to Neurogenic Disorders CD484 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD502 Communication Technology CD502 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD608 Clinical Methods in Speech-Language Pathology CD608 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD616 Literacy Essentials for Speech-Language Pathologists CD616 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD653 Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders CD653 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD659 Speech and Language Services for Special Populations CD659 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD661 Independent Study in Speech-Language Pathology CD661 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD683 Research in Communication Disorders CD683 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD685 Professional Topics in Communication Disorders CD685 Complete
02/03/2021 EH CD695 Thesis in Communication Disorders CD695 Complete
02/03/2021 EH EL611 Emergent Literacy Learners Practicum EL611 Complete
02/03/2021 EH EL623 Intermediate and Upper Level Literacy Learners Practicum EL623 Complete
02/03/2021 EH EL624 Literacy Leadership EL624 Complete
02/03/2021 EH EL647 Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Difficulties EL647 Complete
02/03/2021 EH EL648 Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities EL648 Complete
02/03/2021 BC ER461 New Product Development and Innovation Management ER461 Complete
02/03/2021 EH EX602 Language Acquisition of the Child with Exceptionalities EX602 Complete
02/03/2021 BC


Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications Practicum MK443 Complete
02/03/2021 BC MK555 Digital Marketing Strategies MK555 Complete
02/03/2021 EH PE216 Theory and Practice of Team Sports PE216 Complete
02/03/2021 EH PE217 Theory and Practice of Individual/Dual Lifetime Activities PE217 Complete
02/03/2021 EH PY317 Human Sexuality PY317 Complete


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