Program Inventory - Majors
A listing of current programs available at Southeast Missouri State University.
Curriculum Guide
A guide to the University's policies and procedures regarding curriculum.
Course Approval Process
The course approval process governs both proposals for new courses and proposals for significant changes in existing courses. 
Program Approval Process

An instructional guide for various types of program proposals, including new program, new option, new minor, deletion of existing program, or changes to existing an existing program.

CBHE Review Policy

The Policy for the Review of Academic Program Proposals helps to ensure that Missouri's higher education institutions offer programs that effectively serve the citizens of the state.

Student Credit Hour Ratio
The Student Credit Hour Ratio (SCHR) and Target SCHR are tools that provide the Provost with a measure of the efficiency of the use of instructional resources.
Courses on Thirty-Day Review
View a list of courses on thirty-day review.
Key Performance Indicators
Key performance indicators listed by college, school and department.
University Assessment Data
University assessment data for the WP003, California Critical Thinking Test, the MFAT and Praxis.
Program Review
Program review information.


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