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Assessment Reports

Annual Assessment Reports

Annual Assessment Reports are required for each undergraduate, graduate, and certificate program on an annual basis. The Assessment Report provides important opportunities for each program team to reflect on how well their teaching and assessment methods help students achieve and demonstrate program learning outcomes. The reports prompt action planning toward learning improvement. This is a vital component of our institutional processes for continuous improvement.

Please email completed Annual Assessment Reports to by August 15 of each year.

There are three options for preparing Learning Improvement Reports (please choose one):

  1. Narrative Option - This option involves constructing a short written report that address a series of prompts (as shown on the report template). This option is best suited for those who prefer narrative-style reporting, or for those who have already prepared their report based on the guidance distributed in March 2017. (Note: This was the original template provided for these reports.)
    Narrative Option Template
  2. Table Option - This is a new option, which involves populating a table with both quantitative and qualitative data. This option is best suited for those who prefer table-style reporting, or for those who need to collaborate across multiple report authors.
    Table Option Template
  3. Accredited Programs Option - This is a simplified option, which provides an opportunity for accredited programs to submit an excerpt from a recent report (within the last year) to their accrediting body that contains information on program level assessment. Please submit a scanned or electronic version of this excerpt with clearly marked page numbers for this information. Please only send relevant pages of the reports.

What happens next?

  • The Academic Assessment Committee will review and record your submission.
  • Program teams are expected to implement action plans as outlined in the Learning Improvement Reports.
  • Program teams will refer to the previous year’s Assessment Report when drafting subsequent reports, reflecting on learning improvement.
  • Some programs may wish to display their Assessment Reports for other stakeholders (i.e. accreditors, students, parents, community partners) to view.

Support is available!

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