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April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013

Academic Council (approved May 7, 2013)

Present:          Aguinaga, Barrios, Bruns, Eddleman, Fluegge Woolf, Gathman, Hinkle, Jung, McAllister (for McDougall), McGowan, Rosati, Ruediger, and Starrett  

Guests:            Julie Ray  

A.  MINUTES: Upon a motion by Eddleman; seconded by McGowan, the minutes of March 5, 2013, were unanimously approved. Hinkle advised that the date for her announcement under “Other” should be Monday, March 11th.  


1.      Supply Chain Management – New Minor
Fluegge Woolf moved approval of a new minor in Supply Chain Management; seconded by McGowan. McAllister explained that with Cape Girardeau being a transportation hub for river, rail, and over-the-road distribution, the minor meets a regional need. The minor will use existing faculty resources. It is supported by the College of Business Corporate Advisory Board. It is also supported by industry, including Fastenal, which has added Southeast as one of its preferred recruiting institutions. The minor is open to any student, but is likely to be primarily taken by Business students. Further discussion occurred. Motion passed unanimously.

2.      Autism Spectrum Disorder – New Undergraduate Certificate
Gathman moved approval of a new undergraduate certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder; seconded by Eddleman. Ray explained that the Council was considering two proposals, one at the undergraduate certificate level, and one at the graduate certificate level. She explained that an internal, untranscripted Autism Spectrum Disorder certificate was approved in 2009. Aguinaga developed that certificate, and has since tracked the students taking the courses required, and the College of Education Dean’s office has issued certificates of completion. The internal certificate program is continually growing, and in an effort to help track the students in the program, the department is proposing a transcripted certificate. The undergraduate certificate would be the first such in the state. Currently, the enrollment trend is roughly 70% undergraduate, and 30% graduate, but with moving the five courses online, Ray expects the graduate enrollment to increase. Motion passed unanimously.  

3.      Autism Spectrum Disorder – New Graduate Certificate
McGowan moved approval of a new graduate certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder; seconded by Gathman. Discussion of both certificates occurred with the Undergraduate Certificate discussion (see above). Motion passed unanimously.  

4.      MA Elementary Education – Addition of Math Emphasis
Eddleman moved approval of an addition of a Math Emphasis to the MA in Elementary Education; seconded by McGowan. Ray explained that the proposal for the addition of a Math Emphasis to the degree stemmed from participating in a statewide collaboration that is developing a Math Specialist certificate for Grades 1-6; she reiterated that this is a teaching certificate. In working on the collaboration with Dr. Randolph, they discovered that elementary teachers would already be taking 24 hours to complete the Math Specialist certificate, so they thought it wise to develop the emphasis, so those same teachers could earn an MA by taking an additional 9 hours. Motion passed unanimously.  

Upon a motion by Gathman, seconded by Jung, the meeting adjourned. 


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