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March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013

Academic Council (approved April 2, 2013)

Present:          Eddleman, Fluegge Woolf, Gathman, Hinkle, Jung, Lilly, McDougall, Randolph (for Bruns), Rogers-Adkinson, Rosati, Scott (for McGowan), Starrett, Timlin, and Weller-Stilson  

Guests:            James Champine, Bradley Deken, Joe Pujol, and Ken Surendran  

A.  MINUTES: Upon a motion by Eddleman; seconded by McDougall, the minutes of February 5, 2013, were unanimously approved.  

Dr. Rosati announced that there are four minors awaiting action. They are 1) Business Law, which was approved at the April 2010 Academic Council, and will go to the next Board of Regents meeting for approval; 2) Sustainability; 3) Supply Chain Management; and 4) Construction Management. There is currently an analysis being done of current minors, and the latter three may come forward after the analysis. The deans will review their minors, and for those minors with fewer than 5 completers, will justify keeping the minor or deleting it.  


1.      Bachelor of Health Science(s) in Health Sciences – New Program
Randolph moved approval of a new Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program; seconded by Scott. Eddleman made a friendly amendment to revise the degree title to Bachelor of Health Science (or Health Sciences). He explained that this degree title would be better marketed, and was encouraged by our Admissions Office. Pujol explained that we have 80-100 pre-physical therapy students that currently do not have a degree program they can move into, but end up going into the Exercise Science program and take the prerequisites for Physical Therapy school. The new program would satisfy those prerequisites. The new program would also be available for those students who do not get into our Nursing program, as there is a limited number of admissions into that program. It would also appeal to those who are not going into pre-medicine. Pujol further explained that the new program is different from those Health Sciences programs offered at Truman State or University of Missouri-Columbia. Further discussion occurred. Rosati asked Pujol to discuss the issue of degree title (Bachelor of Health Science, or Bachelor of Health Sciences) with McGowan and Hinkle, and look at how it is offered in the state. Rosati also explained that a proposal for a similar program may come forward in the future, but with less science. Motion, with revision to degree title, passed unanimously. *NOTE – Per discussion of Hinkle, McGowan, and Pujol, degree title will be Bachelor of Health Sciences.  

2.      Cybersecurity – New Minor
Deken moved approval of a new minor in Cybersecurity; seconded by Eddleman. Deken explained that the new minor would allow a wider range of students to take Cybersecurity courses. He explained that the minor would appeal primarily to Computer Science, or Telecommunications and Computer Networking students, but also to those who start off in the BS Cybersecurity program, but do not complete the program. Motion passed unanimously.  

3.      BS Computer Information Systems: Business Administration Track – Offering Online
Eddleman moved approval of offering the BS Computer Information Systems: Business Administration track online; seconded by Lilly. Surendran explained that the new CIS program started in Fall 2012, and since all courses for the Business Administration track are offered online, they would like to formally offer the track online. McDougall noted that offering the Business Administration track online does not violate their AACSB accreditation criteria, as it’s less than 25% of the program. He also noted that the program cannot be publicized as a business degree; it is a Computer Science degree. Fluegge Woolf noted that the title of MG301 in the proposal should be “Principles of Management.” Motion passed unanimously.  

4.      New Course Approval Document
Starrett explained that the Q2 Committee has been working on standardizing the syllabus document and terminology. Gathman moved approval of the new Course Approval Document; seconded by Lilly/McDougall. Starrett explained the changes to the document, which was formerly title Course Syllabus. Rogers-Adkinson asked if section V’s notation could read “Optional department/college requirements”; Starrett noted the request. Starrett also handed out the “Course Syllabus Q2 Project” handout and explained the Q2 Committee’s suggested terminology for the various syllabus forms. The committee’s suggested document name for the Registrar’s approval form is “Course Addition/Revision/Termination Form” or “CART”; the suggested document name for the Provost’s approval document is “Course Approval Document” or “CAD”; the suggested document name for the department level form is “Department Syllabus”; and the suggested document name for the class syllabus is “Class Syllabus.” Starrett indicated that there should probably be an instruction sheet for the CAD, and likely for the entire approval process. McDougall suggested adding signature lines to the CAD; Randolph also suggested adding date lines; it was also suggested to add the next steps for sending the document forward. The Q2 Committee suggested that the Provost Office should house the Course Approval Documents. Rosati recommended that Starrett take the suggested revisions back to the Q2 Committee and bring back to Academic Council in April. Starrett asked the Council for their thoughts on attaching the department or class syllabus to the CAD; Council felt this was a good idea. The motion to approve was tabled until the Q2 Committee has a chance to review the Council’s recommended revisions. Further discussion occurred.  


1.      MBA Admission Revisions
McDougall explained that the revisions to the MBA admission requirements include the addition of accepting GRE scores, as well as GMAT scores, for both regular and provisional admission. The other change is the deletion of the section regarding “extraordinary circumstances” as this has never been utilized.  


1.      Hinkle announced that mid-term grades are due by Monday, March 11th. She asked the Deans to please remind their chairs and faculty of this deadline.  

Upon a motion by McDougall, seconded by Eddleman, the meeting adjourned.


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