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April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012

Academic Council (approved May 1, 2012)

Present:          Aguinaga, Barrios, Bruns, Eddleman, Hinkle, Jung, McDougall, McGowan, McMillan, Randolph, Roeder, Ruediger, Scott, Timlin, Ustinova, and Weller-Stilson  

Guests:            Peter Hirschburg

A.  MINUTES: Correction to the March 20, 2012 minutes: add “and online article databases” behind “MOBIUS.” Upon a motion by McDougall; seconded by Bruns, the minutes of March 6, 2012 and March 20, 2012, with change, were unanimously approved.  


1.      Credit Hour Policy and Procedures
Hinkle introduced this item in Gathman’s absence. McGowan moved approval of the Credit Hour Policy and Procedures documents; seconded by McDougall. Eddleman explained that the documents (Credit Hour Policy, and Credit Hour Procedures) were in Faculty Senate bill form; if Academic Council approves them, they’ll go to Faculty Senate tomorrow. Hinkle stated that there were two suggested changes: 1) Policy, line 30, remove the word “approximately”; and 2) Procedures, line 33, replace the word “the” with “an.” Jung explained that the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee had been asked by Provost Rosati to review the policy and procedures for inclusion in the Faculty Handbook, but the documents had not been sent to the Faculty Senate as a whole for consideration. The Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee felt the best place for inclusion in the Handbook is Chapter 5, Academic Policies. Eddleman reminded the Council that the credit hour policy is a mandate from the federal government. Discussion followed. Motion passed unanimously.  

2.      MS Criminal Justice – Deletion of Options: Capstone Seminar, Comprehensive Examination, Internship, and Thesis
Eddleman explained that this item was a follow-up to a proposal from the March 20, 2012 meeting. Bruns moved approval of the deletion of options from the MS in Criminal Justice: Capstone Seminar, Comprehensive Examination, Internship, and Thesis; seconded by McMillan. She explained that the Council had approved adding the Community Policing Administration and Criminal Justice Administration options to the program at the March 20th meeting, and these deletions are to “clean up” the program. The four areas will continue to be required in the curriculum, but will be handled through advising. Eddleman added that the proposal for deletions had passed Graduate Council. Motion passed unanimously.  


Eddleman added that a moratorium had been put in place for all new programs/minors as of April 2, 2012. The moratorium indicates that all new program/minor proposals should be reviewed by the Faculty Advisory Committee for Academic Program Review before proceeding. Eddleman advised that all questions regarding the moratorium should be directed to Provost Rosati.  

Motion to adjourn made by McGowan; seconded by McMillan. Meeting adjourned.  


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
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