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March 20, 2012 - Special Meeting

March 20, 2012 - Special Meeting

Academic Council (approved April 3, 2012)

Present:   Barrios, Bruns, Eddleman, Gathman, Jung, Koch, McDougall, McGowan, McMillan, Roeder, Rosati, Ruediger, Scott, Starrett, Timlin, and Ustinova  

Guests:   None


1.      MS Criminal Justice – Addition of Options – Community Policing Administration, Criminal Justice Administration
Rosati explained that this item was tabled at the March 6th meeting so the Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology could make a decision on how best to offer the options. He noted that we are hoping to offer the Community Policing Administration option as a special online pilot this Fall. Eddleman moved to bring the item back to the table for approval; seconded by McGowan/Gathman. Motion passed unanimously. The original motion was the addition of options to the cooperative MS in Criminal Justice with MSSU: Community Policing, and Criminal Justice Administration. Bruns amended the motion to approval of the addition of the Community Policing Administration and Criminal Justice Administration options to the main campus MS in Criminal Justice. The proposal will go to the Graduate Council for electronic vote on March 21st; as such, the Council’s approval will be contingent on Graduate Council’s approval. Bruns further explained that the CIP code would stay the same as it is now, 43.0104. She also noted that there is a need to delete the current options (Capstone Seminar, Comprehensive Examination, Internship, and Thesis), and she will bring a proposal to do so at the April Council meeting. Rosati reiterated that the proposal is for the main campus program. Starrett questioned the wording regarding online library holdings; the Community Policing Administration option will utilize e-books, using existing allocations. Ruediger shared that she researched this, and there are plenty of offerings in MOBIUS and online article databases available for online students in that program. Bruns noted that the Department of Justice has stated support for an advisory council for Community Policing. Rosati added that Hinkle was not able to attend the meeting, but has reviewed the proposal and is ok with it. Motion as amended, and contingent on Graduate Council approval, passed unanimously. [NOTE: Motion passed Graduate Council by electronic vote on March 21, 2012; motion is approved.]  

Motion to adjourn made by Gathman; seconded by Eddleman. Meeting adjourned.


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Office of the Provost
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