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October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011

Academic Council (approved November 1, 2011)

Present: Barrios, Eddleman, Gathman, Hinkle, Koch, Lilly, McDougall, McMillan, Randolph, Roeder, Rosati, Ruediger, Starrett, Timlin, Ustinova, and Weller-Stilson  

Guests:  Janice Ward (for Don Jung)  

Upon a motion by Gathman; seconded by McMillan, the minutes of September 6, 2011 were unanimously approved.  


1.      Industrial and Engineering Technology Entrepreneurship – New Minor
Koch explained that the proposed Industrial and Engineering Technology Entrepreneurship minor has the same required business courses as other entrepreneurship minors, but has six hours from one of seven option areas. Rosati added that all of the entrepreneurship minors have been well received and are all built on the same model. After discussion, Lilly moved approval of the new minor; seconded by Gathman. Motion passed unanimously.  

2.      Restructuring      (moved to an Action Item)
a.  Polytechnic Studies      
Rosati explained that there is a proposal to restructure the School of Polytechnic Studies.

The proposal includes:
i.  Moving the Department of Computer Science from the College of Science and Mathematics to the School of Polytechnic Studies.
ii.  Changing the School of Polytechnic Studies to a college.
iii.  Changing the name of the School of Polytechnic Studies to the College of Integrated Technology and Agriculture.

Rosati explained that the procedures for academic restructuring state that if any written objections to a proposal are filed, the objections and proposal are to be submitted to Academic Council for deliberation. The comments that were received are in the handout given to the Council. The only negative comments to the proposal are regarding the proposed name. Koch stated that he served on the committee that Interim Dean McGowan set up, which had two representatives from each department (Agriculture, Computer Science, and Polytech); the committee’s most popular choice of name was “College of Polytechnic and Agricultural Studies.” The committee felt that Polytechnic Studies has been a branded name and does encompass all technologies. Eddleman questioned one of the comments that referred to lab relocations; Koch explained there were no lab relocations mentioned in the proposal. Eddleman also addressed a question in one of the comments and pointed out that per the Faculty Handbook, the Computer Science department chair position will have to be filled by doing an internal search. Rosati asked the Council if they would be in favor of passing a resolution to support the proposal. Koch moved approval of a resolution to support the proposal, with the amended name change to “College of Polytechnic and Agricultural Studies”; seconded by Gathman. Motion passed unanimously. Rosati explained that the resolution will go forward to the President, and possibly to the Board of Regents, as there is a time sensitivity for the wording for the Dean’s search.


1.      College of Education College Council – Faculty Senate Resolution
Rosati explained that last year, there were questions raised on the voting members of the College of Education College Council. Faculty Senate passed a resolution to specify the voting members, and the non-voting advisors; the resolution is an information item for now and does not change the current Faculty Handbook language. The current Faculty Handbook language regarding the College of Education College Council was approved by the Academic Council in 1989. Rosati explained that if the language changes, Academic Council will have input in, and will approve it.  



Meeting adjourned.  


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
One University Plaza, MS 3400
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701