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February 15, 2011 - Special Meeting

February 15, 2011 - Special Meeting

Academic Council (approved March 1, 2011)

Present: Athinarayanan, Barrios, Hinkle, Janzow, Jung, McDougall, McGowan, McMillan, Noe, Prater, Ray, Roeder, Rosati, Ruediger, Shaw, Timlin, and Ustinova

Guests: Nancy Aguinaga, R. Larry Bohannon, Simin Cwick, Amy Freshwater, Velma Gammon, Tamela Hanebrink, Cheryl Mader, Lori Mueller, and Mary Harriet Talbut


1. College of Education Department Restructuring Proposal – Department of Elementary, Early & Special Education and Department of Middle & Secondary Education [Noe]

Rosati reminded Council Members of the ground rules for taking action on today’s agenda item and outlined the remaining process.
Noe moved approval of merging the Department of Elementary, Early, and Special Education (EESE) and the Department of Middle and Secondary Education (MSE) into a single Department of Teacher Education; seconded by Shaw.  Noe gave background information and descriptions of the college and departmental programs and the purpose of the proposal. 
Ray referred to a memo dated November 15 from the Department of EESE to Rosati, Noe, and Academic Council Members outlining concerns regarding the proposed merger.
Cwick thanked everyone for attending today’s meeting and shared concerns her department has regarding the proposal. 
Discussion ensued.
By secret ballot the proposal was defeated (5 in favor; 10 against).

B. Other

1. Hinkle announced that training sessions for DegreeWorks will be held the weeks of February 28 and March 7.  Faculty are encouraged to sign up for a session through the Training and Development website.  CAPP, the previous degree audit system, will be removed from the portal sometime during spring break.

Meeting adjourned at 4:17 p.m.


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
One University Plaza, MS 3400
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701