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February 1, 2011

February 1, 2011

Academic Council (approved March 1, 2011)

Present: Athinarayanan, Barrios, Hinkle, Janzow, Jung, Lilly, McDougall, McGowan, McMillan, Noe, Prater, Ray, Roeder, Rosati, Ruediger, Starrett, Timlin, and Ustinova

Guests: Amy Freshwater, Dieter Jedan, Paula King, and Thomas Linares


Rosati announced that the Course Redesign Conference will take place tomorrow; George Mehaffy is on his way as well as representatives from various publishers.

Rosati announced that due to a process-related grievance, the College of Education proposal will be discussed at a special Academic Council meeting scheduled for February 15, 2011.

 Upon a motion by Janzow; seconded by McGowan, the minutes of December 7, 2010 were unanimously approved.


1. College of Science and Mathematics Restructuring Proposal - Department of Computer Science and Department of Physics & Engineering Physics
McGowan moved approval of the proposal; seconded by McDougall.  The proposal recommended the following:  "maintaining separate departments with one Chairperson for a period of two years to allow both units to address issues raised by Program Review. At the end of the two year period, the question of the merger should be revisited. also recommended the elimination of an administrative assistant position. By a unanimous voice vote, the University Academic Council recommended the proposal, including:
1. The Department of Computer Science and the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics will remain two separate departments;
2. The two departments will share one department chairperson (Dr. David Probst);
3. The two departments will share one administrative assistant;
4. Maintain the two separate departments for a two year period, from Fall 2011 to Spring 2013.  At the end of the period, a review will be done by the Program Review Committee to revisit the matter of the merger.

2. Bachelor of Arts in Global Cultures and Languages
3. BA Anthropology - Deletion of Program
4. BA French - Deletion of Program
5. BA German - Deletion of Program
6. BA Spanish - Deletion of Program
7. BA Global Studies - Deletion of Program 
8. Department Name Change - From Department of Modern Languages, Anthropology and Geography to Department of Global Cultures and Languages
Rosati proposed approval of items B2 through B8.  The items came to the December 7, 2010 meeting and needed revision to the common core.  The proposal went to the Board of Regents on the contingency that Academic Council would approve the revisions.  Barrios moved approval of items B2 through B8; seconded by Noe.  Following discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

9. Agriculture/Horticulture Entrepreneurship - New Minor
McDougall moved approval of the proposal; seconded by McGowan.  Following discussion, Rosati commented this was a wonderful model.  The motion passed unanimously.

10. Autism Studies - New Minor
Prater moved approval of the proposal; seconded by Noe.  This proposal is the result of a collaborative effort between the College of Health and Human Services and the College of Education.  Following discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

C. Discussion Items:

1. Closing of CAPP (Banner-delivered degree audit system replaced by DegreeWorks)
Hinkle reviewed that DegreeWorks began "live"last June and both systems have been running.  She recommends closing CAPP around Spring Break.  Following a brief discussion it was decided that CAPP will close during Spring Break, 2011.

D. Other:

 1. McDougall asked about how long departments should keep a copy of the capstone paper document.  Janzow said they should be submitted electronically and stored that way.  Rosati will look into this and respond.

Motion to adjourn was made by McDougal; seconded by McGowan.  Meeting adjourned.


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