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December 7, 2010

December 7, 2010

Academic Council (approved February 1, 2011)

Present: Athinarayanan, Barrios, Hinkle, Janzow, Lilly, McDougall, McGowan, McMillan, Miller, Noe, Prater, Ray, Roeder, Rosati, Shaw, Starrett, Timlin, and Ustinova

Guests: Don Bagert, Shelba Branscum, Dieter Jedan, Paula King, and Janice Ward (for Don Jung)

Upon a motion by McGowan; seconded by McDougall, the minutes of November 2, 2010 were unanimously approved.


1.  Family Studies Minor – Proposed Changes
Prater moved approval of the proposed changes to the Family Studies minor; seconded by Noe. King explained that the Family Studies major has been redesigned to align with CFLE requirements. She further explained that some of the General Education courses that were previously in the minor are very popular, and Family Studies students have problems getting into the classes. Further discussion followed. Motion passed unanimously.

2.  Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity – New Program
 Shaw moved approval of the new Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity; seconded by Janzow. Shaw explained that the new program is collaborative between the Departments of Industrial and Engineering Technology, Computer Science, and Mathematics. Shaw, Athinarayanan, and Bagert have sought information/resources from various sources including the NSA, WWT, and the new Cybersecurity Advisory Committee. There are six new courses in the proposal, with one (IS245) currently on 30 Day Review. The other new courses will be fully developed by a new faculty member when hired. Rosati complimented the group on their efforts, including making a trip to Washington DC. He explained that he’d received an email from a student regent, who was excited for the new program. Shaw explained that as far as funding, no additional funding is needed for faculty; Polytech has set aside funds for the purchase of equipment, and will look at internal and external grants for future funds; and the departments have set aside allocations for library funds. Athinarayanan explained that Polytech already has some telecommunications equipment in place. McDougall commented on the financial projections for faculty salary. He also indicated that Dempster Lab 005 will become available for this program. Starrett questioned the 124 hour degree requirement; Shaw explained that all courses are needed. McGowan questioned, and Athinarayanan and Bagert confirmed that certification will be sought through the NSA. Motion passed unanimously.

3.  Design Drafting Certificate – Deletion of Program
4.  Electronics Certificate – Deletion of Program
5.  Graphic Technology Certificate – Deletion of Program
 Rosati proposed to approve Action Items 3, 4, and 5 as one motion. McGowan moved approval to approve the items as one motion; seconded by McDougall.
 Shaw moved approval of the deletion of the Design Drafting Certificate, Electronics Certificate, and Graphic Technology Certificate programs; seconded by McGowan. Shaw explained that these certificates have been historically on the books for years. They’re also historically low enrolled, and were among those listed on MDHE’s low completer list this past Fall. Motion passed unanimously.

6.  Bachelor of Arts in Global Cultures and Languages – New Program
7.  BA Anthropology – Deletion of Program
8.  BA French – Deletion of Program
9.  BA German – Deletion of Program
10.  BA Spanish – Deletion of Program
11.  BA Global Studies – Deletion of Program
 Rosati proposed approval of Action Items 6 through 11 as one motion. McDougall moved approval to approve the items as one motion; seconded by Noe.
 Barrios moved approval of the new Bachelor of Arts in Global Cultures and Languages, as well as approval of the deletion of the Bachelors of Arts degrees in Anthropology, French, German, Spanish, and Global Studies; seconded by Noe. Barrios explained that the proposal for the new BA and the deletion of the others is driven by low enrolled classes in areas such as French and Anthropology, and the appearance of the programs on the MDHE low completer list this past Fall. He further explained that they did not want the BA’s in languages done away with, and were able to umbrella them under the new BA. He thanked Jedan for his efforts in combining the programs into one Bachelor of Arts degree.
 Jedan explained that there were three concerns that led to the development of the new BA and the deletion of the others: 1) there were 5 different CIP codes for each major, with an average of 9 graduates per year; there is now one CIP code; 2) there were low enrollments in the majors; and 3) the geography component in the Global Studies major. He explained that the new major is still 120 hours. Barrios explained that there is no need for additional resources.
 Noe questioned whether those in teaching certification will continue to be able to take courses; Jedan explained that there is still a BSED.
 McDougall questioned what the common core was composed of; Jedan explained that the core was made up of AN181, 9 hours of Foreign Languages, and 3 hours of a different Foreign Language or GG150. McGowan commented that the core should be at least 50% of the program. Further discussion followed on the need for the core to be 50% of the program.
 Members of the Council felt the proposal should be tabled, and should not go to the Board of Regents meeting the following day. Shaw questioned whether the Council could approve the new BA for approval of the Board of Regents, and bring the curriculum approval back to the February Academic Council meeting. After further discussion, Jedan agreed to revise the proposal and bring it back to the February Academic Council meeting, and forward to the Board of Regents for approval in March. Rosati asked for a motion to table Action Items 6 through 11 until February; motion was made by McDougall; seconded by McGowan. Motion to table Action Items 6 through 11 passed unanimously.

 Note: McDougall commented that when courses outside the college/department are used in a program as a requirement, memos of support are needed.

12.  Geography Minor – Deletion of Minor
 Barrios moved approval to delete the minor in Geography; seconded by Shaw. Jedan explained that in 2002, geography moved to his department. The department approved only offering the three courses needed in geography, rather than continue to keep the 18 hours required for the minor. Motion passed unanimously.

13.  Department Name Change – From Department of Modern Languages, Anthropology and Geography to Department of Global Cultures and Languages
 Rosati tabled the item until the February Academic Council meeting, when it will be considered with Action Items 6 through 11.


1.  MA102 Graduation Requirement
Starrett explained that some students take their Logical Systems requirement, pass it, then are still having to go back and take the pre-requisite course. Making MA102 a pre-requisite to PL120 would make it consistent that all Logical Systems courses have MA102 as a pre-requisite. The Provost Office would make the final decision on exceptions.

2. Collaborative Programs Update
Rosati explained that there are collaborations in the state that are at various levels. These include Physics, Economics, Foreign Languages, and Education. He explained that courses will be offered collaboratively in Economics and Physics in Fall 2011, while the University of Central Missouri will offer one course in Foreign Language in Spring 2011. Rosati further explained that Willie Redmond is working with the individuals in the state on these collaborations and is working on a website for them.
Noe explained that the Methods course offered by the College of Education is part of the Foreign Language collaboration. Meetings are set up to work through the details, and she will be contacting DESE to make sure the group approves.

3.  Academic Program Review Policy & Procedures
 Rosati distributed to the Council a handout of the motion to update the Faculty Handbook that will  go to the Board of Regents the following day. He explained that the Board of Regents will be  approving the development of the policy to create the Program Review Committee. The Board of  Regents will not be approving the procedures for the Program Review process. That process will  be approved by the President next semester. Rosati questioned if the procedures for the program  review process should include Academic Council as a review/approval body. The Ad Hoc  Committee for the Faculty Handbook revisions has meetings set for December 10th and 17th. 

4.  Winter Intersession Enrollment
 Rosati distributed a handout showing the Winter Intersession enrollment. He explained that most  sections are full. McDougall stated that there is a waiting list for UI400. Starrett explained that  students are only allowed to take one Winter Intersession course.


1.  McDougall – Action Items 6-11 - Note
 McDougall commented that when courses outside the college/department are used in a program as  a requirement, memos of support are needed.

2.  Hinkle – Final Grades
 Hinkle explained that final grades are due by noon on December 20th.


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