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November 2, 2010

November 2, 2010

Academic Council (approved December 7, 2010)

Present: Athinarayanan, Barrios, Janzow, McDougall, McGowan, McMillan, Miller, Noe, Prater, Ray, Roeder, Rosati, Ruediger, Shaw, Starrett, Timlin, and Ustinova

Guests: Christina Frazier, Janice Ward (for Don Jung)

Upon a motion by McDougall; seconded by McGowan, the minutes of October 5, 2010 were unanimously approved.


1.  Bachelor of Science in Biology: Pre-Physician Assistant – New Option
McGowan moved approval of the proposed new BS Biology: Pre-Physician Assistant option; seconded by Shaw/McDougall. McGowan explained that the Department of Biology made the proposal. The option will help those students who won’t get into medical school, as they’ll have the option to transfer into a Physician Assistant (PA) program. C. Frazier explained that a career as a Physician Assistant is currently the number two desired career. She feels we’ll see more students who want this option, as opposed to those to “fall back” on it when not able to get into medical school. Shaw questioned where the students will transfer to once they complete this degree; C. Frazier stated that the closest PA program is Southern Illinois University – Carbondale (SIUC). The Pre-Physician Assistant program is designed to transfer into any PA program. Rosati questioned the possibility of a 3+1 agreement with SIUC or other university; McGowan will explore the possibility before the December meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

2.  Master of Public Administration – Deletion of Community Wellness and Leisure Services Option
 Prater moved approval to delete the Master of Public Administration: Community Wellness and Leisure Services option; seconded by Noe. Pujol explained that the MPA degree originated in the Political Science department, and the Community Wellness and Leisure Services option was added under his department. He stated that the option never took off, and has always had low enrollments. McGowan explained that the courses for the other option, Public Administration, will remain, but the Master of Public Administration will no longer list any options. Motion passed unanimously.


1.  Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) - Economics
Rosati explained that this and another MOA were signed last week at a Statewide Workshop. Three universities (Southeast, Northwest Missouri State University, and the University of Central Missouri) agreed to offer courses that compliment each other. Students will sign up at their home institution. It’s anticipated to start offering courses in Fall 2011, and also start putting courses online at that time. McDougall explained that there has been communication among the universities for face-to-face meetings in Spring 2011 to work out details. Rosati expects that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be signed by next fall. Shaw questioned whether there would have to be revisions to courses to match up with other institutions; McDougall explained that each institution will be responsible for their own introductory courses. Rosati explained that the details will have to be worked out; that the three institutions don’t need to have the same curriculum, but enough overlap to offer the collaborative program. More information will follow as details are worked out.

2. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) – Foreign Language
Rosati explained that we’re in the early discussion stages on this MOA, which was signed last week by four universities (Southeast, Missouri State University, Missouri Western State University, and the University of Central Missouri). He expects to see more formal details over the next few months. Along with the MOA, the Department of Modern Languages, Anthropology and Geography is planning to change to one major, BA Global Cultures and Languages, while eliminating the BA French, BA German, BA Spanish, and BA Anthropology majors. The Department is also proposing to change their name to the Department of Global Cultures and Languages. More information will follow as details are worked out.

3.  Statewide Program Review Update
 Rosati explained that MDHE has asked all institutions to respond to a list of low completers. A  handout was distributed that showed a timeline that MDHE developed, and a summary document  of what Southeast reported to MDHE regarding our list of low completers. Rosati stated that some  institutions have up to 15 program deletions, and he expects statewide for there to be about 60  program deletions.


1.  Special Academic Council Meeting – Tuesday, November 16, 2010
 Rosati explained that there are two items on the agenda for the special Academic Council meeting  scheduled for November 16th. The first is department merger proposals; the College of Education  has a proposal to merge the Department of Elementary, Early, and Special Education and the  Department of Middle and Secondary Education; the College of Science and Mathematics has a  proposal to merge the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Physics and  Engineering Physics. The second agenda item is the MA102 Graduation Requirement; the proposal  for this is going to the General Education Council for input on November 8th.

2.  Board of Regents Meeting – October 22, 2010
 Rosati announced that the following had been approved by the Board of Regents at their October  22, 2010 meeting:
a. Department of Accounting name change (formerly Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems)
b. Two Program Eliminations
     a. BSBA, Administrative Systems Management
     b. Administrative Assistant Certificate
c. BS Psychology – Off Site Delivery of program to Sikeston, Malden, Kennett, & Perryville

3.  Winter Intersession
Starrett announced that the Winter Intersession courses were more than half full, and it was only the  second day of enrollment. He explained that it’s planned to send notification to the students to make sure they’re aware they’ve signed up for a Winter Intersession course, rather than a Spring 2011 course.

Motion to adjourn was made by McDougall; seconded by McGowan. Meeting adjourned.


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