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February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010

Academic Council (approved March 2, 2010)

Present: Athinarayanan, Baker, Barrios, Buis, Dickson, Hinkle, Janzow, Kraemer, McDougall, McGowan, McMillan, Miller, Noe, Parker, Prater, Ray, Rosati, Ruediger, Shaw, Starrett, and Ustinova

Guests: Steven Hoffman and Joe Werne

Upon a motion by McDougall; seconded by Janzow, the minutes of December 1, 2009 were unanimously approved.


1.  Graduate Certificates in Heritage Education and Historic Preservation
Barrios moved approval of both Graduate Certificates in 1) Heritage Education, and 2) Historic Preservation; seconded by Janzow.  Hoffman explained that the proposals for the new certificates were in line with the changes and direction the department has made in both their undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees. The new certificates are essentially equal halves of the MA in Public History. The Heritage Education certificate is expected to be attractive to teachers in the region. McDougall questioned whether the certificates would be certified by NCPE (National Council for Preservation Education); Hoffman explained that he sees no problem with the Historic Preservation certificate being certified, but if the Heritage Education isn’t certifiable through NCPE, it’s because of their requirements, not the lack of substance in the certificate. It was agreed that the certificates should be transcripted; Hoffman and Janzow will work with Hinkle on this. Shaw asked if a student with any baccalaureate degree can pursue either of the certificates; Hoffman explained that the admission requirements for both include a statement of purpose that must be accepted, but technically, it’s open to anyone. Hoffman responded to a question about teachers preferring the certificate over the MA degree; he stated that some will but if a teacher completes the certificate, faculty will mention that they could complete the MA in just an additional year. Further discussion followed, including questions on whether the certificates follow the same Graduate School requirements; Janzow confirmed that they do. Hinkle asked if there is a set of criteria in place for graduate certificates; Janzow stated that Graduate Council has a committee working on that matter. Starrett asked if a student can receive both the certificate and the MA; Hoffman confirmed that a student can do both. McDougall raised the question that if a student has the MA already, do they automatically receive the certificate; after discussion, it was agreed that if a student applied for the certificate, he/she couldn’t be denied as they’ve completed the requirements. Motion, for approval of each certificate, passed unanimously.

Certificate Policy
Rosati addressed the question regarding a policy on certificates. He proposed forming a committee to develop a policy for both undergraduate and graduate certificates. The policies should address admissions requirements, number of hours, etc. Rosati asked the following to serve on the committee: Janzow (Chair), Hinkle (Registrar), Dickson (Faculty Senate rep), Athinarayanan (Chair’s rep), and Prater (Dean’s rep); Kraemer volunteered to serve on the committee as well. Rosati asked that the committee draft the policies and bring a report back to the March meeting.

2.  Calendar – Fall Break Proposal
 Rosati explained that there have been discussions regarding moving the Fall Break that is currently in October to the week of Thanksgiving, and giving students a full week off. He asked for input from the Council on the proposal. Proponents of the change said: 1) the change would help as there is a large amount of absence in both break weeks as it is right now; 2) splitting the two causes lab classes to lose more days than combing into one week; 3) for other offices (Admissions, Alumni Office), the split limits the weekend dates they have for holding recruiting and other events; and 4) with the split, it’s difficult to ensure faculty hold classes when they’re supposed to. Opponents of combining the breaks said: 1) a full week off causes students and faculty to lose momentum in classes; and 2) the two days in October seem to help some students rest up. McGowan stated that Student Government should have a big say in the issue. Rosati asked the Council if they preferred to vote now on the issue or table it in order to talk to their constituents; the Council preferred to vote. Rosati called for a vote with a show of hands. Thirteen were in favor of moving Fall Break to a full week at Thanksgiving; six were opposed; and one abstained. Dickson confirmed that the topic is being discussed in Faculty Senate. McGowan asked when the change, if approved, would take effect; it would go into effect in the 2012-2013 year, at the earliest. Rosati will keep the Council informed as this topic is discussed at other levels.






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