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September 1, 2009

September 1, 2009

Academic Council (approved October 6, 2009)

Present: Athinarayanan, Baker, Barrios, Buis, Dickson, Hinkle, Janzow, Kraemer, McDougall, McGowan, McMillan, Miller, Noe, Parker, Prater, Ruediger, Shaw, Starrett, Stephens, and Ustinova

Guests: Allen Gathman, Marcia Hobbs, and Stephen Overmann

Upon a motion by Janzow; seconded by McGowan, the minutes of April 7, 2009 were unanimously approved.


1.  Master of Science in Nursing Policies: Time Limit to Finish and Dismissal from Program
Prater moved approval of the MSN time limit policy; seconded by Janzow. Marcia Hobbs explained that the policy will be a four year time limit. She said the reason for such a policy is to keep their students current. Discussion followed. Motion passed unanimously.

Prater moved approval of the MSN dismissal policy; seconded by Janzow.  Marcia Hobbs explained the policy, that it will also keep students current and will adhere to accreditation guidelines. Hinkle asked if there was an appeal process for the dismissal policy; Stephens suggested a statement be included in the policy. Noe asked if the dismissal would be automatic or done on a case-by-case basis; Hobbs explained that each case would be reviewed and documented, and that the students will be given timely notice for appeal. Discussion followed. Council approved proposal, with addition of an appeal statement and Graduate Council reviewing it. Motion passed unanimously.

2.  New Program: Master of Science in Environmental Science
McGowan moved approval of the new Master of Science in Environmental Science; seconded by Kraemer. Stephen Overmann explained the proposal, stating that there is no program in Missouri with this title, and the new program will need no additional resources. McDougall asked about the admission requirement of 20 hours of undergraduate credit hours in the sciences and the prerequisites; Overmann explained that they wouldn’t expect a student to come into the program without the required science courses and felt it best to leave it open. Janzow suggested that could be taken care of by doing an evaluation of transcripts when a student applies. The Council had several questions about the process of selection of the major professor. Suggestions were made to address the process issue. It was decided that McGowan will bring an “Admission Plan” to the Council’s next meeting. McDougall also questioned the wording on the supplemental material, in the paragraph about choosing of elective hours. Discussion followed and it was decided that “with approval of advisory committee” should be added to both paragraphs. Council approved proposal, with stated revision, and caveat that McGowan bring Admission Plan to next meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

3.  BS Agribusiness: Plant and Soil Science – Off Campus
 Shaw moved approval of the proposal to offer the BS Agribusiness: Plant and Soil Science program off campus, at the regional campuses and TRCC-Poplar Bluff; seconded by McGowan. Stephens suggested that the CBHE forms have the wording “and other sites” added to them. Shaw explained that the first two years of the program is currently being offered at the regional campuses, but they’ve requested that the full program be offered.  He also explained that only the last two years will be offered at TRCC-Poplar Bluff. Discussion followed and it was suggested by Starrett to change all wording in the proposal that says “Web” to “Online.” McDougall also suggested that the paragraph addressing enrollment projections versus revenue be changed to reflect accurate enrollment projections. Council approved proposal, with stated revisions.  Motion passed unanimously.

4.  Changing English ACT Cutoff Scores
 Stephens asked if Carol Scates and Missy Nieveen-Phegley had been invited to the meeting; Starrett explained that he hadn’t received her suggestion to do so until the morning of the meeting, and wasn’t able to do so in time. Allen Gathman explained that the English Department had been included throughout the process and Scates and Phegley were informed of the proposal. Starrett explained the current process for determining whether incoming freshmen must take the WP001 exam and are placed in EN099 or EN100. The proposal is to keep the two-measure approach that’s currently in place, to lower the cutoff score for the English portion of the ACT down to 22, and to allow an English ACT score of 25 or higher to take the EN100 equivalency exam. He explained that lowering these English ACT scores will lower the number of students who need to take the WP001 exam by up to 40%. Shaw moved approval of the proposal; seconded by McDougall.  Motion passed unanimously.

 Starrett explained that they’re also looking at a step process/curriculum for going from EN099 to EN100.  Stephens encouraged involving the English department.  She asked that a committee be formed to review EN099 and EN100 and placement into them, and that Barrios bring to the next Council meeting the members of the committee and the charge.


1.  International Programs Strategic Plan Draft
McDougall explained that with the change in leadership in International Programs came a need to develop a strategic plan.  A standing University Committee was formed and the committee developed the draft strategic plan. He reviewed the document with the Council.  Discussion followed. McDougall explained that he’s taking the draft document to several groups on campus for review; he asked Stephens if there is an approval body that would need to approve the document when that step is completed; Stephens suggested the University Strategic Planning Committee.


1.  Honors House
Stephens announced that the Honors House is near completion. She suggested that the November Council meeting be at the Honors House.

2.  MA101 & MA102 Update
McGowan announced that the pilot programs for MA101 and MA102 were very successful, and that the rooms for the program are done.


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