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April 7, 2009

April 7, 2009

Academic Council (approved September 1, 2009)

Present: Aide, Baker, Barrios, Beard, Bertrand, Buis, Hinkle, Janzow, McDougall, Miller, Noe, Parker, Ruediger, Starrett, Stephens, Strange and Veneziano

Guests: Robert Buchanan, Jai Dahiya (for McGowan), and Dieter Jedan

Upon a motion by Janzow; seconded by Dahiya, the minutes of March 3, 2009 were unanimously approved.


1.  New Program – Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership
Noe moved approval of the Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership; seconded by Dahiya. She explained that the program will help meet the needs of current and future candidates, as well as help with the challenges that area school districts face. She asked Robert Buchanan to further explain the proposal. Buchanan explained this program will assist teachers who have been in the field for ten years or less, and those renewing their certificates. The new program will take up to six semesters to complete, will be offered at all the off-campus sites, can be delivered with existing faculty, and will reduce the travel time and cost for teachers. Discussion followed. Stephens noted that all CBHE forms should use the standard “south” off-site wording; Buchanan will work with J. Smith to revise. Further discussion followed. Janzow suggested the utilization of blended, online, and ITV courses to help reduce the travel for full time faculty to the off-campus sites, as well as reduce the need for any part time faculty. McDougall pointed out that pages 18 and 41 need to be consistent. Council approved proposal, with stated revisions. Motion passed unanimously.

2.  Revision of Current International Studies Minor to Global Studies Minor
Barrios moved approval of the revision to the International Studies Minor to Global Studies Minor; seconded by Noe. Barrios introduced the topic and asked Dieter Jedan to further explain the proposal. Jedan explained that the revisions and title change of the minor to Global Studies will bring it in line with the Global Studies major. He noted that there was no prefix change for the courses, and that no new faculty are needed for the changes. The revised minor will now have 18 hours, and students will be required to study abroad, with the caveat that they must choose the country that correlates with the language option they choose. McDougall asked if the courses that travel to multiple countries would meet the language option requirement, if the student is able to travel to the country that correlates. Discussion followed and it was suggested that the revision not use the word “option”, as minors don’t have options. It was also suggested that another heading be added under the “Upper Division Additional Courses”. The heading would be Study Abroad and the wording for that heading would be “Any additional upper division study abroad (3 hrs.)”. Council approved proposal, with stated revisions. Motion passed unanimously.






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