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October 7, 2008

October 7, 2008


Present:          Baker, Barrios, Beard, Bertrand, Buis, Hinkle, Janzow, Kraemer, McDougall, McGowan, Miller, Parker, Prater, Ruediger, Shaw, Starrett, Stephens, Strange and Veneziano
Guests:           None
Upon a motion by McGowan; seconded by McDougall, the minutes of May 6, 2008 were unanimously approved.
1.  New Option: MBA, Sport Management
McDougall moved approval for the New MBA Option in Sport Management; McGowan seconded. McDougall stated that there were no new courses added; discussion followed. Prater stated that the College of Health & Human Services endorsed the proposal. Motion was unanimously approved and new option will go on for approval to the Board of Regents in December.
2.  Proposal: Admittance and Continuance for BFA in Performing Arts
Barrios moved approval of the proposal for admittance and continuance for the BFA in Performing Arts; Miller seconded. Discussion followed concerning bulleted points in proposal. Concerns were voiced regarding BA being a “fall-back” degree for those not succeeding in BFA; suggestions were made to raise standards in the BA degree so that students don’t feel the BA is a second-class degree. There was a recommendation made to create a pre-BFA comparable to the pre-business degree. This was generally favored by the Council. Stephens asked that R. Weller-Stilson discuss the pre-BFA with S. Hinkle and D. Below. No action was taken; proposal is deferred.
3.  Blended Course Definitions
Stephens stated that a need has arisen for a definition of what an “online” course is. Starrett gave a handout of Course Delivery Definitions that describes by percentages the different levels of online experience. Starrett moved approval of the definitions; McDougall seconded. Discussion followed. Stephens asked that a statement be added that the percentage guidelines be used for all courses, including summer and weekend courses. Motion was unanimously approved.
4.  Online Course Ownership Procedures
Buis explained that he chaired the Intellectual Property Ad Hoc Committee. This document was one of four from the committee. Shaw moved approval of Online Course Ownership Procedures; McGowan seconded. Starrett explained that issues have come up when faculty members are away from or leave the University. Discussion followed. Editorial suggestions were made. McDougall moved to table the proposal for editorial clarifications to be made; McGowan seconded. Motion to table was unanimously approved.
5.  Course/Class Ownership Definitions
Buis explained that there was a need to clarify how “course” and “class” are defined. Starrett discussed the different definitions. Janzow moved approval of the Course/Class Ownership Definitions; Prater seconded. Discussion followed and suggestion was made to add “semester syllabus” or “course outline” to document, as well as adding “except UI or IU prefixes” to second bullet under Summary section. Motion, with changes, was unanimously approved.
1.  Finals Week Grades
Hinkle explained that the calendar for submitting Final Grades does not give her office time to run necessary reports and checks (graduation checks, transcripts, etc.) before the start of the holiday break. Proposal was to move the close of Final Grades to Sunday, December 21 at 9:00 pm, rather than Monday, December 22 at 9:00 am, so her office can run the reports and checks on Monday, December 22. Discussion followed and the Council agreed with Hinkle’s proposal. Stephens stated that Hinkle will send email with deadline, and that the information should be conveyed from deans to chairs, and chairs to faculty.
2.  Accelerated Program for Masters Degree
Janzow stated as an FYI, that Graduate Council approved a pilot program letting undergraduate students enroll in up to six hours of 500-600 level courses. When all issues have been worked out, the proposal will come forward as an action item.
Motion to adjourn was made by McDougall; McGowan seconded.


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