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March 4, 2008

March 4, 2008


Present:          Baker, Beard, Bertrand, Buis, Hinkle, Janzow, Kraemer, McDougall,
                        McGowan, Miller, Parker, Prater, Ruediger, Shepard, Starrett, Stephens, and Strange
Upon a motion by McDougall; seconded by McGowan, the minutes of February 5, 2008 were approved.
1.  BSID & BGS Double Degrees/Majors
Starrett reviewed with Council the issues that brought the BSID and BGS Double Degrees/Majors to be an action item.  As a discussion item last fall, the issued was raised concerning a Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) student getting a dual-degree or Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (BSIS) majors double-majoring.  Starrett & Hinkle provided data on a handout presented to Council.  Although 2 proposals were presented to Council, it was agreed by Council to vote on separately. Starrett moved approval of the 1st proposal pertaining to the BGS; seconded by McDougall.  Motion stated:  We propose preventing the BGS from being earned as part of a second degree within the same semester.”  After discussion, it was decided to amend the motion and a substitute motion was made by McGowan, seconded by Parker.  The new motion: “Normally, the BGS cannot be earned as a second degree.”  Motion passed, with one negative vote.  It was determined that the effective date would be fall 2008.  Provost reminded Council that anything passed by Academic Council is a recommendation to the Provost and will be taken under consideration.  After a negative vote by the Registrar, the Provost stated she will meet with the Registrar and report back to the Council at the April meeting.
The 2nd proposal regarding the limitation on the BSIS major from being part of a double-major was not presented as a motion at this time.
2.  MSE Graduate Programs On-Line
Shepard moved approval to have the Masters of Arts in Secondary Education (Educational Studies and Educational Technology) as an on-line program; McGowan seconded.  She noted that the total core would now be on-line and should increase the marketability of the Educational Technology option for graduate students.  Janzow stated that this had been approved at the Graduate Council without any problems.  Provost reminded Council that new programs put on-line for the first time comes to Academic Council as part of the approval process.  Motion was approved.
3.  New Minor: BSBA – Management Information Systems
McDougall moved approval of a new MIS minor in the BSBA degree; Janzow seconded.  McDougall stated that the purpose of the new minor was to help future professionals from a variety of disciplines gain the skills and abilities needed to work with information technology (IT) professionals to better design, use, and manage information systems in their chosen field.  Motion was approved.
4.  Revision to International Business major
McDougall moved to approve the revisions to the International Business minor in the BSBA degree; Miller seconded.  The Provost reminded Council that normally if changes to a minor are internal within a college that it does not come before the Council for approval; however, when it crosses colleges, it must have approval of the Council. The proposed revision to the minor would cut the foreign language requirement from 18 to 9 hours OR successfully complete a term/semester abroad enrolled full-time in an academic program.  After discussion, Buis moved to table the motion to allow the departments that are involved to get together and bring back in April; Starrett seconded.  Motion was approved with two no votes.
Provost noted that the discussion regarding Voluntary System of Accountability would be presented at the April meeting and would include Dennis Holt, Christina Frazier, and Pat Ryan.  She noted there would be no voting; just explaining the issues involved.


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