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November 6, 2007

November 6, 2007


Present:          Baker, Beard, Bertrand, Cobb, Hinkle, Janzow, McDougall, Miller, Parker,
                        Prater, Ruediger, Shaw, Shepard, Starrett, and Strange
Guests:           H. Hamner Hill and David Probst (for McGowan); John Wade (Department of
                        Criminal Justice & Sociology Chairperson); Daryl Fridley (faculty, Department
                        of History); Joseph Werne (Department of History, Interim Chairperson); and
                        Ragu Athinarayanan (Department of Industrial & Engineering Technology,                     Chairperson)
Dr. Fred Janzow, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, conducted the meeting on behalf of Provost Stephens who was unable to attend.
Upon a motion by McDougall; seconded by Shaw, the minutes of September 4, 2007 were approved.
1.  Industrial & Engineering Technology
a.) BSIT and BSET core changes
Shaw moved to approve BSIT and BSET Option core changes; Hill seconded.  A cultural & social diversity course from the Department of Social Work was approved which will provide competencies and student awareness that is a priority for both NAIT and ABET accreditation agencies.  Shaw noted that the change was discussed with the Department of Social Work and they were supportive.  Changes for the BSIT program will move the math course from the program core to the options.  The technical graphics program will no longer require calculus.  Motion was approved.
b.) BSIT Technical Graphic option title & curriculum changes
Shaw moved approval of the option title change from Technical Graphics to Computer and Multimedia Graphics; Hill seconded.  He noted that the request to change the TG designation would be changed to GM for all courses in the option.  Motion was approved
Shaw moved approval to allow students the option to take PH106 or PH120; McDougall seconded. The program no longer requires the level of Physics offered in PH120 because of curriculum changes.  This is necessitated by the moving of courses related to mechanical and architectural drafting to the BSET Mechanical & Manufacturing and BSIT Construction Management and Design options.  Other BSIT options will continue to require PH120.  This change is supported by the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics. Motion was approved.
Shaw moved approval to replace 2 existing courses (GM120 and GM220) with new ones; Parker seconded. Since these 2 courses are currently under 30-day review, a friendly amendment was made for approval with contingency of completion of 30-day review.  Motion was approved.
c.) BSIT Technology title change
Shaw moved approval of the option title change from Technology to Technology Management; Starrett seconded.  This option is designed for students completing an AAS degree in a technical field to obtain a 4-year degree with emphasis on the management and utilization of technology in industrial environments related to improving systems, products, and process.  Motion was approved.
d.) BSIT Telecommunications & Computer Networking option change
Shaw moved approval of changing the ET designation to TN for all courses in the option; Prater seconded.  The ET designation originated from the old Electronics Technology program which is no longer offered. The change will allow for Telecommunications courses to be better represented in the bulletin and avoid confusion with BSET Electrical & Control options that also use the ET designator. Motion was approved.
2.  Engineering Physics Program
a.) Applied Physics & Engineering option change to Electrical Applications option
b.) Title change in Physics and Engineering option to Computer Applications option and
c.) New Option: Mechanical Applications
.  Upon a motion for approval by Hill; seconded by Shaw, these proposals were approved.  The rationale for renaming will be more descriptive of the option.  The new option is in response to the suggestions made by the ABET visiting team last year. The PC (Program Change) form will edited to indicate the two title changes and new option.  Motion was approved. Probst will send edited form to Office of the Provost.
3.  Proposed changes in the BS Ed in Secondary Social Studies Education
Shepard moved approval of the proposed changes in the BS Ed Social Studies Education program; Hill seconded.  Shepard noted that both colleges (Liberal Arts and Education) had approved the changes.  Dr. Fridley explained the modifications and changes were made to make a more coherent program that would take the student from the beginning to the end. He noted that this will be especially beneficial to a transfer student.  Shepard noted that many of the proposed changes are based on DESE guidelines.  It was also noted that 2 of the proposed courses for teaching social studies had not been through the 30-Day Review process.  Shepard said the changes would need to be in place by fall 2010 due to Federal and DESE mandates. Janzow questioned Council approving all proposal as a group or individually. After a call to question by Shaw; motion was approved for the grouped proposals.
4.  Off-Site Delivery of B.S. in Criminal Justice
Prater moved approval of off-site delivery of the BS in Criminal Justice; Shaw seconded.  Prater noted that there are no curricular changes.  John Wade gave an overview and rationale of taking the existing program to the regional campuses.  He noted there are currently 48 students who have indicated an interest in the program and 32 of the students are in Kennett.  Wade noted that Extended Learning is excited about the offering the program. Questions were asked about better use of resources by teaching the courses via ITV instead of faculty traveling to off-campus centers.  Wade indicated that students prefer face-to-face rather than on-line and that most of the time the on-line seats available are maxed out.  He indicated that this would be something that could be considered in the future.  Motion was approved.
1.  Double majors with BGS or Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies degree
Starrett asked Council whether or not the colleges wanted to offer a second degree (BGS or ISD) to students when practically all students who graduate could qualify.  He noted that there is nothing on the books that prohibits it.  Hinkle noted that to not allow this practice would eliminate any graduate from coming back later and getting a 2nd degree.  It was suggested that the BGS should be limited to declared BGS students.  Janzow requested that Hinkle & Starrett bring to Council a statement that could be adopted by Council regarding a true double major.
Janzow reminded Council to keep current regarding Senate Bill 389.  He stated that there is some discussion in regard to making curriculum alignment at the state level for all high schools and colleges.  The alignment will require identifying entry and exit competencies for beginning level college courses.


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