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September 4, 2007

September 4, 2007


Present:  Baker, Beard, Bertrand, Buis, Cobb, Hinkle, Janzow, Kraemer, McDougall, Miller, Parker, Ruediger, Shaw, Shepard, Starrett, Stephens, and Strange
Guests:  Jai Dahiya (for McGowan)
The Provost welcomed the new members of the Academic Council and went around the table for introductions.
A.  Minutes of May 1, 2007
Upon a motion by McDougall, seconded by Shaw, the minutes were unanimously approved.
B.  Action Items:
1. Management Major Changes
a) Add Option: Entrepreneurship
McDougall moved approval to add Entrepreneurship as a new option to the BSBA in Management degree; Shaw seconded.  The two existing options are Organizational Leadership and Human Resources. The motion was unanimously approved.
b) Title change for option: from Organizational Leadership to Management
McDougall moved approval of the option title change from Organizational Leadership to Management for the BSBA in Management; Janzow seconded.  He noted that this would better reflect a general option in the major and be more recognizable to employers than the previous name.  McDougall commented that the use of “leadership” in the title reflects only one component of the curriculum content of the major.  The motion was unanimously approved.
C.  Discussion Items:
1.  M.A. Secondary Education: Education Technology
a)  Development of on-line option

Shepard distributed a hand-out listing fall courses in the Department of Middle & Secondary Education Master of Arts program. The document reflected what is already offered on-line with two additional courses highlighted that are proposed to be offered in the future.  It was noted that individual courses do not go through the Academic Council for approval; but new programs offered as on-line will come before the Council for approval.  All courses are approved by department chair, college dean, Starrett, Janzow and Kilburn.  It was the general consensus of the Council that the initial goals for on-line the program had been met and that another priority list needed to be established to help identify priorities and goals.  The Provost suggested that the Council begin to discussions with their college councils and to start building a new list.  It was suggested that Starrett and Janzow bring to Council the current list of on-line classes and the list of potential classes.  Stephens asked either Buis or Ruediger to replace Cron who served on the previously established sub-committee for on-line courses.  The committee will be: McDougall, Starrett, Janzow, Melanie Thompson, Carol Scates, Buis and Kilburn.  Stephens asked that this sub-committee bring back a draft (or interim) report for the review process, procedures, guidelines, and development of on-line courses.  Baker suggested that a marketing plan also be developed/discussed.  The current moratorium place on on-line class development will continue until the new plan is approved.


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