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December 5, 2006

December 5, 2006


Present:  Aide, Ball, Beard, Buis, Cron, Hathaway, Hinkle, Janzow, McDougall, McGowan,
                Prater, Reinheimer, Shaw, Shepard, Starrett, Stephens, Strange, and Syler
Guests:    Craig Elder, Joe Pujol, Stuart Towns, and Jim Dufek
A.  Minutes of November 7, 2006
Upon a motion by McGowan, seconded by Janzow, the minutes were unanimously approved.
B.  Action Items:
1.  Program Changes
a.  New Major:  Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

Prater moved, seconded by McGowan, for acceptance of the new major.  This program currently exists as an option within the Health Management major.  Elder explained the changes and rational for the new program. He explained that the accrediting body for this program has altered the standards to require that the programs be stand-alone-majors.  He noted that there are currently 75 majors in the program.  Stephens questioned the inability of students transferring into the program. After discussion, it was agreed that a sentence would be added for students transferring in through articulation agreements and assessed on case-by-case basis to compare competencies to assure compliance with accreditation standards.  It was also noted that EN100 would need to be added to the general education courses listed.  The motion passed with inclusion of sentence for transfer students.
b.  Change in option and title: BS in Mass Communication – Television & Film Option
McGowan moved, seconded by Aide, acceptance of the changes in title and option of the BS in Mass Communication.  Stuart Towns explained that students have been expressing interest in the field of broadcast news and with the recent movie filmed in Cape Girardeau; interest has increased in film production.  This proposal changes the current Video Production option to a new Television and Film option. New classes will be added to the curriculum and additional courses will be covered by adjunct faculty.  Because additional faculty will be needed and the CBHE form for financial projections associated with this proposed option were not prepared prior to the meeting, McGowan withdrew the motion from the table.  The motion will be brought back in February with the financial projection.
2.  International Policy – Study Abroad and Scholarships
McDougall moved for the International Policy regarding study abroad and scholarships to be brought back to the table; Janzow seconded.  Copies of an e-mail from Dennis Holt were distributed which addressed issues concerning calculation exceptions for students who study abroad.  Each issue was discussed.  Stephens read the proposal: “Grades transferred from a non-US institution for study abroad will not be used in the GPA calculation for maintaining a scholarship that has a GPA requirement.”  The motion passed but it was not a unanimous vote.  This recommendation from Academic Council will be taken to the Scholarship Committee chaired by Dean Shaw for further review.
C.  Discussion Items:
1.   Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies On-line [BSID]
Starrett distributed a list of online courses currently offered within departments that have potential to be emphases for an online Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree [Handout: Plan to put the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree online].  The major in Interdisciplinary Studies (ID) was designed for students who wish to create their own academic program by choosing courses in more than one academic area.  This major challenges students to think about problems and issues from the views of different academic areas, but compliment each other in the work force.  He noted they (currently offered online courses in the departments listed) are offered on a reasonable rotation. A second handout [Handout: Proposal for Potential Online Interdisciplinary Degree Areas of Interest] indicated where changes to the ID process would need be made for the program to be offered as an online degree.  He noted that currently ID students are advised by faculty advisors.  BGS Online students are advised by Heather Jones, the Southeast Online Advisor.  Online ID students would be advised by Heather also and not by faculty members. For the online ID degree, students will work with faculty experts in their chosen areas of emphasis who will work together with the student to create a major that best services their academic and career interests. These advisors will work with Heather to get the ID program approved and the online ID student’s access to online seats. Starrett asked the Deans to review the lists with the chairs in their colleges to see what needs to be included or removed from the list.
2.    New On-line Programs/Courses
Because of time constraints this will be on the agenda at the next Council meeting (February 2007).
3.    Two Semester Registration (Sub-committee report)
Because of time constraints this will be on the agenda at the next Council meeting (February 2007).
4.    Issues with Southeast Hospital’s AAS degree in Nursing
Because of time constraints this will be on the agenda at the next Council meeting (February 2007).
5.    Incomplete Grades
Because of time constraints this will be on the agenda at the next Council meeting (February 2007).


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