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April 1, 2003

April 1, 2003


APPROVED:  5/6/03
Present:   Ed Buis, Sarah Cron, Irene Ferguson, Sandy Hinkle, Fred Janzow, Martin Jones, Bert
Kellerman, Gerald McDougall, Chris McGowan, Wes Mueller, Loretta Prater, Craig Roberts,
Randy Shaw, Nicholas Tibbs
Guests:   (None)
A.         Minutes of March 4, 2003.  Upon motion of Chris McGowan and seconded by Nicholas
             Tibbs, minutes were approved unanimously.
B.        Action Items
1.   Proposed International Business Minor with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree:  Bert Kellerman made a motion to approve the International Business Minor.  Martin Jones seconded.  A question was raised as to whether or not this minor can be obtained by non-business students.  Dean McDougall stated that it is open to students who have completed the Business Administration Core.  Dean Jones pointed out that the statement on the Format For Proposed Minor form that the prerequisite for the minor was the Business Major was incorrect and should read Business Core.  A motion was made to approve the proposal.  Motion passed.
C.        Discussion Items
D.        Other
1.      California Critical Thinking Skills Test:  The CCTST is completed for the spring
   semester.  Students who achieve a composite score of 16 or higher will have their graduation
   fee waived.
2.      13th Annual Mississippi Valley Scenic Tour:  Dean Jones mentioned that the 13th
   Annual Mississippi Valley Scenic Tour would occur April 26 & 27.  Brochures describing
  the tour are available in the History Department.


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