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December 3, 2002

December 3, 2002


Minutes approved by Council 3/4/03

December 3, 2002

Missouriana Room

Members Present: Ed Buis, Sarah Cron, Sandy Hinkle, Fred Janzow (Acting Chair for Provost Stephens), Martin Jones, Gerald McDougall, Chris McGowan, Wes Mueller, Phil Parette, Loretta Prater, Randy Shaw, Shirley Stennis-Williams, Nicholas Tibbs

Guest: Gary Cwick, Peter Hirschburg, Michael Roark, Carol Scates, Dean Shackelford, Ken Stilson,

A.     The Academic Council minutes from November 5, 2002 were approved.

B.     Action Items

    1. Revision Geosciences Major under the Bachelor of Science Degree Program.

Dean McGowan moved for approval of the Geosciences Major under the Bachelor of Science Degree. Dean McGowan also stated that there would be a unified option in Biology under the Options in B.S. in Education.

Gary Cwick (Geosciences) explained his proposal for the Revisions for Undergraduate Geosciences Major.

Some council members questioned whether the title for the program should be “options” or “concentrations”. Nicholas Tibbs recommended that the word “concentration” be replaced by the word “core specialization” and that the required core (12 hours) be added to the required courses (10 hours).

Questions were raised regarding the difference in the amount of hours required by options 1 and 2 and the amount required for option 3. Some Council members asked why this difference existed.

A motion was made to amend the proposal to remove the word “concentration” from the title and insert “Additional Geosciences Requirements”; to remove the word “concentration” from all three options titles; and to include the required core with the required courses.

After these changes, the motion to approve the proposal was approved with two abstentions.

    1. Revisions to the Bachelor of Arts In English (Martin Jones)

Dean Jones made a motion for approval of changes in two areas of the Bachelor of

Arts in English and Foreign Language. Nicholas Tibbs seconded. Motion passed.

3. Minor in Dance for Department of Theatre and Dance. (Martin Jones)

A motion was made to approve a proposed Minor in Dance. Motion passed.

4. New Standards for Satisfactory Progress for all Music Majors. (Martin Jones)

Dean Jones made a motion to approve new standards for satisfactory

progress for all music majors. Sarah Cron seconded.

Martin Jones explained that the changes would apply to all music majors.

After reviewing the criteria, some Council members expressed concerns

regarding some of the wording in #2 of the requirements. A motion was made to amend requirement #2 by removing the word “probation” and inserting “notice as to dismissal” and by deleting the word “removed” and inserting the word “dismissal”. A motion to approve the amended proposal passed with three abstentions.

5. Revisions to the Geography Major (Martin Jones)

Motion was made by Martin Jones to approve revisions to the Geography major. Tibbs seconded.

An explanation of the changes was made by Peter Hirschburg (Sociology & Anthropology). A change to the chart at the bottom of the page was made reflecting that 12 hours of elective courses must be at the 300 –400 level, but 6 of those hours must be core requirements. A motion was made to approve the revised proposal. Motion passed.

6.      MBA Options in Industrial Management (Gerald McDougall)

A motion was made by Dean McDougall to approve the proposal for MBA options in Industrial Management. Jones seconded. The Council agreed to eliminate the word “track” in the title of the proposal. A motion was made to approve the revised proposal. Motion passed.

C. Discussion:

Late Drop statistics (Sandy Hinkle)

The Council discussed late drop statistics. Questions were raised as to

whether academic units were following the official drop date policy. It

appears that units were using their own discretion as to whether to let a student

drop a course after the final drop date. Suggestions were made by Council

members, including extending the final drop dates, adhering to the official

policy, or creating new guidelines. A motion to table this discussion item was

made by Sarah Cron. Ed Buis seconded. The motion passed. The motion was tabled.

D. Other

Late addition:

Off-Site Delivery Of An Existing Program Form (Randy Shaw)

Dean Shaw made a motion for approval of off-site delivery of the 2 +2 Industrial Technology A.A.S./A.S. to B.S. program. Dean McGowan seconded. Dean Shaw explained the need for this program. Motion passed.

The Council discussed a CBHE document indicating that new program proposals would require identification of current programs to be eliminated in order to provide resources for those new programs. This item will be reconsidered at a future Council meeting.

Dean McDougall requested a future council discussion of the use of the terms “option”, “concentration” and “track”.

The meeting adjourned.

  Next meeting: February 4, 2003 Missouriana Room


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
One University Plaza, MS 3400
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701