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November 5, 2002

November 5, 2002


Approved 12-3-02

Missouriana Room

Members Present:

Robert Buchanan, Ed Buis, Rick Burns (for Martin Jones), Sarah Cron, Rusty Curtis, Irene Ferguson, Sandy Hinkle, Fred Janzow, Bert Kellerman, Gerald McDougall, Chris McGowan, Wes Mueller, Loretta Prater, Craig Roberts, Randy Shaw, Shirley Stennis-Williams, Jane Stephens, Georgeann Syler, Nicholas Tibbs,

  Guests: Michael Aide, Jeni Hart, Sue Shepard, Margaret Waterman

A. Minutes from 11-05-2002 meeting.

The council approved the minutes of May 7, 2002.

B. Action items:

1. Options in BS in Education.

A.     B.S. in Education Earth Science
B.     B.S. in Education Physics
C.     B.S. in Education Chemistry
D.     B.S. in Education Biology

Dean McGowan moved the approval of the four new options in the BS in Education. Nicholas Tibbs Seconded. McGowan explained that this was state mandated. Margaret Waterman presented the proposal. She indicated that options would be in addition to the options in Unified Science. Questions were raised about the major under which options were to be listed. There was also a question about the core for the major. After discussion, a motion passed to table the proposal.

2. Admissions change for Graduate Programs.

Dean Parette requested that this item remain tabled.

3. B.S. in Soil Science between Southeast Missouri State University and the University of Missouri.

Chris McGowan made a motion to approve a B.S. in Soil Science between Southeast Missouri State University and the University of Missouri. Nicholas Tibbs seconded. Michael Aide presented the proposal that is a collaborative effort between the University of Missouri and Southeast Missouri State University. The collaboration is beneficial because the University of Missouri has a Soil Science Program and because of our geographic location near the Bootheel. The motion passed.

4. Web Based Masters in Elementary Education

Action was postponed until December.

C. Information Item.

Doctor of Philosophy of Education Cooperative Program with Emphasis in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies with a Concentration in Higher Education University of Missouri-St. Louis and Southeast Missouri State University.

Dr. Shepard explained the proposal to the council. She pointed out that the intent of the program is to make it possible to obtain a PhD degree from University of Missouri-St. Louis while working here at Southeast Missouri State University without having to drive to St. Louis. It was noted that the PhD would be appealing to professional staff here at Southeast. Dr. Shepard will keep us informed about the approval process.

D. Discussion item:

International Opportunities for Joint/Dual Degree Programs.

Dean McDougall explained the International Opportunities for Joint/Dual Degree Programs. He explained the Bologna Declaration to the Council which is a plan to standardize higher education requirements in European Union countries. Council members had questions about the European degree process. The Council indicated a willingness to consider dual degrees. The exception to the 9 credit hour rule of transfer was also discussed, and the Council was open to an exception as part of a particular articulation agreement. Dean McDougall will investigate the dual degree potential further.

Other: No other major discussions.

Meeting adjourned.


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
One University Plaza, MS 3400
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701