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May 7, 2002

May 7, 2002


Approved 11-5-02

Missouriana Room

Present: Ed Buis, Sarah Cron, Rusty Curtis, Irene Ferguson, Dennis Holt, Fred

Janzow, Martin Jones, Gerald McDougall, Chris McGowan, Phil

Parette, Linda Schoonmaker, Shirley Stennis-Williams, Georganne

Syler, Jane Stephens (Presiding)

Guests: Peter Bergerson

Minutes from April 2 meeting were approved.

Action Item:

1.      Graduate Studies and Research Proposal To Establish Half-Time Graduate Assistantships.

Phil Parette moved to establish .5 graduate assistantships. This is a pilot study for the HCOB. Linda Schoonmaker seconded the motion. Following discussion, the motion passed.

2.      Proposed M.P.A. Program for Academic Council Agenda.

Dean Jones moved that the council approve a new program proposal for a Master of Public Administration Degree. Rusty Curtis seconded the motion. Dean Jones passed out a revised copy of the Financial Projections page. Bergerson explained the need for this program and answered questions about the program.

The Provost expressed concerns about taking any new proposal to the board with a request for more resources. Since the new program replaces an existing option, Dean Jones and Dr. Bergerson agreed that current resources could cover the first two years or until more students were enrolled. Dean Cron suggested a request for library resources from the library endowment fund be made. The motion passed.

Other Action:

Dean Parette passed out handouts for review:

Distribution of Graduate Majors Spring 2002: Enrollment Figures by Program, 1996

to 2000 chart

Dean McDougall identified an error on the Distribution of Graduate Academic

Majors chart. He informed the council that under an MBA Degree, there are

only two options, a General Management Degree, and a Business Administration

Degree. Provost recommends that council take information and review it for


3. Graduate Admissions Chart.

Dean Parette also distributed a Graduate Admissions chart and introduced a proposal for a requirement of a standardized test for admissions. There was a lengthy discussion. The proposal was tabled. Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting:

September 3, 2002


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
One University Plaza, MS 3400
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701