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March 13, 2001

March 13, 2001


APPROVED: 9-4-01

Edmund Buis, Sarah Cron, Jerry Westbrook (Ferguson), Andy Gifford, Sandy Hinkle, Dennis Holt, Fred Janzow, Martin Jones, Bert Kellerman, Gerald McDougall, Chris McGowan, Milo Miller, Wes Mueller, David Naugler, Michael Parker, Phil Parette, Carol Scates, Randy Shaw, Jane Stephens, and Shirley Stennis-Williams.

Peter Hirschburg and Michael Roark

A.          Minutes of February 13, 2001.  Upon motion of Fred Janzow and seconded by Chris McGowan,
              minutes were approved unanimously.

B.         Action Items

Proposed Revision to BS Major in Geography:  Chris McGowan moved to take the motion off the table for the Proposed Revision to BS Major in Geography.  Gerald McDougall seconded a motion.  Jones began with comments regarding revisions to the proposal per discussions of the last meeting of the Academic Council, and opened the floor for questions.  Peter Hirschburg and Michael Roark were present to answer questions and concerns of the Council.  After discussion of the council and guests, Randy Shaw moved in favor of the question begin brought to a vote of the Council.  Wes Mueller seconded the motion.  Jane Stephens asked for a vote of the Council.  Upon a vote of 18 “ayes” and 1 “nay”, the motion passed.


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