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September 5, 2000

September 5, 2000

Nancy Blattner (presiding for Jane Stephens), Gerald McDougall, Bert Kellerman, Shirley Stennis-Williams, Milo Miller, Martin Jones, Carol Scates, Chris McGowan, David Naugler, Phil Parette, Fred Janzow, Sarah Cron, Edmund Buis, Irene Ferguson, Wes Mueller, and Sandy Hinkle.
Anthony Duben and Patricia Karathanos.
  1. Minutes of May 2, 2000.  Approved.

  3. Action Items

    1. New Degree Option:  B.S. in Computer Science – Graphical Systems:  Anthony Duben explained the proposed degree in Computer Science – Graphical Systems and answered questions as to what resource demands would be and if letters of approval were obtained from the departments involved.  Duben will obtain letters from the departments of art, physics and math.  McGowan moved and Parette seconded approval.  The motion was approved unanimously with the stipulation that letters from art, physics and math be placed on record.

    3. Title Change in Office Systems Management Minor:  Patricia Karathanos explained that the Harrison College of Business College Council approved a title change for the Office Systems Management Minor on April 13, 2000, and that this program change revises the title of the minor to Administrative Systems Management Minor.  McGowan moved and Scates seconded approval.  The motion was approved unanimously.

  5. Discussion Items

    1. Second BS/BA Degree Acquired after Graduation?   McDougall posed the question to the Council as to what are the requirements to obtain a second major under the same degree after graduation by a returning student; in  particular, he asked who sets the requirements – the individual colleges or the university, what is officially placed on their transcripts, and what catalog do they fall under?  It was decided that this matter would be placed on the October agenda as a discussion item, and Sandy Hinkle, Registrar, would research this and address questions at that time.


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