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April 6, 1999

April 6, 1999

    Holt, presiding, Cron, Dahiya, Ford, Hinkle, Janzow, Jones, Kellerman,     Lipetzky, McDougall, McGowan, Pittman, Scates, Shaw, Stennis-Williams
  1. Minutes of February 2, 1999.  Approved.

  3. Action Items

      Agriculture 2+2:  Duane Ford presented the proposal.  McDougall questioned capping student enrolled at 30.  Ford responded that this was done on the basis of reasonable projections and for resource management.  McDougall asked whether revenues on the FP form were from fees for student’s enrolled in our courses.  Ford responded that they are.  Jones was concerned that any institution can pull out of the program at the end of any year.  How do we meet our continuing commitment to students?  Jones moved and McGowan seconded approval.  The motion was approved unanimously.
  5. Discussion Items

    1. Experiential Learning Graduation Requirement:  If goal is 100%, then we must institute a requirement, McGowan observed.

    3. Shaw said, Experiential Learning Task Force has written a broad enough definition that any department could work toward that goal.  Course numbers for Experiential Learning will be identified by Fall 1999.

    5. Janzow asked “how will we handle BGS students”?

    7. McDougall expressed the concern that if the definition of experiential learning is so broad, it is an empty concept.  The goal becomes meaningless.

    9. Scates added that one issue is funding; not all companies will pay travel expenses.  Financing is very difficult.

    11. Janzow stated concerns about the logistics.  It may be a burden on the region to come up with internships.

    12. Jones proposed implementing a requirement as of Fall 2000.  The Council generally agreed, with some reservations about the advisability of the 100% goal.


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