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October 6, 1998

October 6, 1998

    Holt (presiding), Buis, McDougall, Janzow, Anderson, Gifford, Scates, Dahiya, Burton, McGowan, Pittman, Shaw, Hinkle, Jones, Lipetzky, Stennis-Williams
    Rusty Curtis
A.     Minutes of September 1, 1998.  Approved as corrected. 

B.     Action Items 

  1. Name Change from Department of Secondary Education to Department of Middle and Secondary Education.  Curtis explained that this proposed change better represents the programs supported by the department’s faculty.  McGowan moved and Shaw seconded the approval.  The motion passed unanimously.

  3. New Minor in Logistics/Distribution Management.  McDougall presented this proposal with some minor editorial changes.  There was discussion of course prefix number of some courses.  McDougall agreed to correct the prefix/number errors where they occurred.  McDougall moved and Shaw seconded the motion.   The motion passed unanimously.

  5. Program and Course Approval Procedures:  Holt presented revisions in the proposed program and course approval procedures.  There was a wide-range discussion of how to inform departments of changes which might impact their course offerings.  McGowan moved and Gifford seconded the approval.  The motion passed unanimously.
C.     Discussion Items 
  1. Elimination of two “C” rule in the Graduate Studies.  Burton reported that the Graduate Council approved elimination of the rule stipulating that anyone with two “C’s” is automatically eliminated from the graduate program.  This rule will be replaced with a grade-point requirement.  This discussion item will be on the next agenda as an action item.

  3. Revised Admission & Graduation Requirements, Harrison College of Business.  McDougall explained the revised admission and graduation requirements in the Harrison College of Business.  No concerns were expressed about the revision.


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