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April 7, 1998

April 7, 1998

    Holt, presiding, Buis, Caskey, Dahiya, Hinni, Jones, Kellerman (McDougall), Kogge, Nahikian-Nelms, McGowan, Roeder, Schoonmaker (Skelton)
    Adelaide Parsons
A.     Minutes of March 3, 1998.  Approved as corrected. 
    Holt observed that the March 3, 1998 Minutes contains an error.  Under B.4. (New Major in Organizational Administration) the sentence “The motion passed unanimously” should 
    be replaced with the following sentences.  “After discussion, it was moved to table the motion.  The motion was approved with one dissenting vote.”
B.     Action Items 
  1. Two-Year Administrative Assistant Program, Deletion of Option.  Holt explained that Administrative Services proposes to delete the legal option from its Two Year Administrative Assistant Program.  Jones moved and Kogge seconded approval.  The motion passed unanimously.

  3. New Option on M.S.A. and M.A. in School Administration.  Linda Schoonmaker from the Department of Physical Education reviewed the proposed programs.  The M.S.A. option in Athletic Administration is targeted at students who wish to pursue a course in athletic administration at the university level.  The M.A. in School Administration option is Athletic Administration is targeted at physical education teachers and coaches in the schools who sign professional advancement through athletic administration.  Caskey pointed out that this proposal is fully supported by the Graduate Council.  Jones made numerous editorial suggestions.  More generally, he advised that all future proposals should be page noted to support easy reference to the text.  McGowan moved and Caskey seconded approval.  The motion passed unanimously.

  5. Sport Management Minor.  Schoonmaker reviewed the proposal for a new minor in Sport Management.  Kogge pointed out that Physical Education Department majors could not take this minor.  Schoonmaker indicated that this restriction will not impact the intended audience of the minor.  Jones identified several lines in the proposal needing to be revised for clarification.  Jones moved and Caskey seconded approval.  The motion passed unanimously.

  7. New Major in Organizational Administration.  The agenda was amended to change the B.S.B.A. in Organizational Administration from a discussion to an action item.   McGowan moved and Jones seconded a motion to remove the proposal from the table to be considered again for approval.  The motion passed unanimously.  Kellerman commented that the proposal is a generalized program which may be of particular interest to non-traditional and off-campus students.  Caskey remarked that Dean McDougall has assured her that the program will be available to on-campus students.  A purely off-campus program will require a special North Central review.  Kellerman and Caskey agreed that the extent of the market for this program is not yet known.  Hinni asked for a clarification of hours required in General Education.  the numbers do not add up.  Holt agreed to work with McDougall to clarify the count of credit hours.  Jones added that this problem could have been resolved if the whole curriculum had been laid out in detail.  All future proposals should include complete curricula detail.  McGowan moved and Jones seconded approval.  The motion passed unanimously.

  9. Limitation on Off-Campus Hours.  The proposed charge in limitations on off-campus hours was moved from a discussion to an action item.  The Council believes that policy changes of this kind require review by University Academic Council.  Under this proposal “In residence is defined as courses administered by or taken on a campus of Southeast Missouri state University.”  McGowan moved and Jones seconded approval.  the motion passed unanimously.
C.     Discussion Items 
    Policy and Procedure on Non-Native Speakers of English.  Parsons summarized a document detailing changes in testing and placement procedures for non-speakers of English.  The new process will be more streamlined and enable a seamless transfer for IEP students into the University.  Caskey expressed concern about how ESL students who already have English proficiency will be handled.  Parsons assured the Council that such circumstances are handled easily by special waiver.  Caskey also suggested several editorial changes to correct inaccuracies.  Jones noted that the document appears to contain policy changes and asked that these be identified and brought back to University Academic Council as action items.  Holt concurred.  Parsons agreed to do so.


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