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March 5, 1998

March 5, 1998


Approved as Corrected 4/7/98 


    Holt, presiding, Buckenmeyer, Buis, Caskey, Dahiya, Jones, Kogge,    McDougall, McGowan, Roeder, Skelton, Stennis-Williams.


    Strauss, Maud, Cobb, Curtis

A.     Minutes of December 2, 1997.  Approved as Corrected.  The date of December 2, 1998 was changed to December 2, 1997. 

B.     Action Items 

    1. Revisions in Engineering Physics Major, Department of Physics.  Cobb explained that these revisions are to meet accreditation requirements.  Proposal added 12 hours to existing curriculum with a few name changes.  Some electives became requirements.  There are two options included, Applied Physics and Engineering and Computer Applications in Physics and Engineering.  Accreditation visit will be Spring 1999.  McGowan moved and Caskey seconded approval.  The motion passed unanimously.


    1. Dance Therapy Minor.  Strauss presented the proposal.  Discussion centered around the term “therapy” and whether it might be misleading to students.  It was felt that more documentation was needed.  A motion made to table the proposal was made by Jones and seconded by Caskey.  The motion carried.


    1. Credit for Block Experiences:  Middle School and Secondary Education Programs.  Curtis explained that this proposal to grant credit for block experience is similar to an earlier proposal from Elementary, Early, and Special Education.  Total required credit hours will be raised from 124-136 to 124-139 if the proposal is approved.  Caskey moved and Buckenmeyer seconded approval.  The motion passed unanimously.


    1. New Major in Organizational Administration.  McDougall explained that this degree satisfies accreditation requirements and is suitable for “across the board” business students, traditional and non-traditional.  McDougall moved and Buckenmeyer seconded approval.  After discussion, it was moved to table the motion.  The motion was approved with one dissenting vote.


    1. New Marketing Major Options.  McDougall explained that this proposal creates two options, Marketing Management and Integrated Marketing Communications, in the Managing major.  The proposal reflects current trends in marketing.  Caskey pointed out that the core does not constitute the preponderance of requirements, but noted that this could be rectified by moving other common requirements in the options into the core.  McDougall moved and Jones seconded approval.  The motion passed unanimously conditioned revisions of the core.


  1. Proposed Name Change in Marketing Minor.  McDougall explained that this proposal is a name change only.  The course MK443 “Advertising and Promotion Strategy” will be changed to “Integrated Marketing Communications Practicum” and the Promotion Management minor will be retitled “Integrated Marketing Communications.”  Stennis-Williams moved and McGowan seconded approval.  Motion passed unanimously.

C.     Discussion Items. 

    Testing, Placement, and Courses for Non-Native Speakers of English.  Postponed to next meeting.


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