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November 4, 1997

November 4, 1997

    Holt (presiding), Brown (Keys), Buckenmeyer, Caskey, Gong, Jones, Hinni, Kogge, McDougall, McGowan, Probst (Dahiya), Stennis-Williams, and Zink.
    Jake Gaskins, Nancy Blattner, Dieter Jedan, Ike Ehie, Adelaide Parsons
A.     Minutes of October 7, 1997.  Approved without revision 

B.     Action Items 

  1. Proposal for Provisional Change in Developmental Reading Requirements:  Holt and Kogge presented a proposal to suspend the current developmental reading placement requirement through Spring 1999.  During this pilot period, students who would have tested into a developmental reading course under the current policy will be advised to seek assistance with their reading at the Writing Center.  These students will be tracked by Institutional Research to determine the effect of a voluntary assistance program on retention and course performance.  In Spring 1999, the results of the pilot will be assessed and a permanent developmental reading policy will be proposed based on assessment of the results.  Hinni moved and Jones seconded a motion to support this proposal.  Three concerns were expressed: first, whether the resources are available in the Writing Center to handle the additional load; second, whether a purely advisory system would have a negative effect on retention of at-risk students; third, whether the suspension of the current policy would preclude special requirements for international students.  Holt assured the Council that necessary support would be given the Writing Center; the. effect on retention will be monitored throughout the trial period for a quick response, if necessary; and, proposals targeted at international students may be brought before the Council at any time.  The motion passed with one dissenting vote.

  3. Minor in Entrepreneurship:  McGowan moved and Jones seconded a proposal to un-table the motion from the last meeting of Academic Council to approve a Minor in Entrepreneurship.  The motion passed unanimously.  McDougall summarized program proposal documents.  He reiterated that the minor would be restricted to business majors, since it is structured specifically for business majors.  The previous motion to approve the proposed Minor in Entrepreneurship passed unanimously.

  5. Revision of Options under the Management Major:  McDougall moved and Buckenmeyer seconded a proposal to approve revisions in three options under the management major.  McDougall observed that the proposed revisions reflect changes in contemporary management from management and collective bargaining to leadership resource development--with an increased emphasis on the importance of information management processes.  The core of the revised management major is the idea that any organization is best thought of as a system of processes; and, the proposed changes in curriculum reflect this.  The motion passed unanimously.

  7. Minor in International Studies:  Jones presented a proposal for a new minor in international studies.  Caskey moved and Buckenmeyer seconded approval of the proposal.  Caskey noted that this program has been a high priority for the International Council.  The motion passed unanimously.

  9. Second Major in a Foreign Language:  Jones moved and Caskey seconded a proposal to allow students to take a second major in a foreign language when crossing between two degree programs.  Discussion centered on whether the proposers intended that students could receive a foreign language major under a degree other than the B.A. or whether it was intended to allow students to receive two separate degrees having completed less than 144 credit hours (provided that they satisfied all of the requirements for both majors).  Failing to reach consensus on the intention of the proposal, it was proposed to table the motion.  Stennis-Williams moved and Caskey seconded the proposal to table.  The proposal will be reconsidered at the next meeting of Academic Council.
C.    Discussion Items 
    MNS - Science Education Emphasis:  Holt informed the Council that the MNS - Science Education Emphasis was approved at the last meeting of the Council before it had been approved by the Graduate Council.  McDougall expressed concern that procedures had not been followed in at least three recent incidents, and asked that the Council vote again on a motion to approve the MNS- Science Education Emphasis.  McDougall moved and Caskey seconded this proposal.  The motion passed unanimously.  Holt added that a summary of curricular procedures will be prepared and delivered to all members of the Council before the Council’s next meeting.


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