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September 9, 1997

September 9, 1997

Approved as Corrected October 7, 1997 


    Buckenmyer, Buis, Clay, Dahiya, Hinni, Holt (presiding), Jones, McDougall, Nahikian-Nelms, Skelton, and Zink
    Steve Overmann
A.     Minutes of May 6, 1997.  Approved as Corrected. 

B.     Action Items 

  1. B.S. in Environmental Science.  Jones moved and Caskey seconded approval.  Steve Overmann stated that this was first developed as a minor, which was approved last year.  It is a very rigorous program with no home department.  The business option is a strong feature of the program.  Ed Buis asked whether additional funding would be required. Overmann answered that the director and clerical funding will come from mission enhancement funds.  McDougall asked if there were environmental science journals for which additional subscriptions would be needed.  Overmann responded that we already subscribe “to a handful.”  Additional subscriptions may be necessary, but would be handled by reallocation.  The motion passed unanimously.
  2. Minor in Fashion Merchandising.  Skelton moved and McGowan seconded approval.  Nahikian-Nelms summarized the program objectives and curriculum.  After brief discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

  3. Name change: Graphics Technology.  Jones moved and McGowan seconded approval of changing the name of the Graphic Arts Printing certificate in Industrial Technology to Graphics Technology.  The motion passed unanimously.


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