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April 1, 1997

April 1, 1997

    Caskey, Farmer, Frazier, Holt (Presiding), McDougall, Nahikian-Nelms, Roeder, Skelton, Stennis-Williams, Tibbs, Zink
A.     Minutes of February 4, 1997.  Approved. 

B.     Action Items 

  1. Proposed Sports Management Program.  Stennis-Williams moved and Frazier seconded approval of the proposed B.S. in Sports Management.  Maud summarized the program and reviewed the indicators of student interest.  There are two other programs in the state but not designed to support entry into an MBA program.  Questions were asked about who might be interested in the program and what types of employment it might lead to.  Maud pointed out that there is currently an internship in management of golf facilities.  Questions were asked about plans to monitor the quality of the program.  McDougall responded that students would be evaluated in the normal application procedure for the MBA.  A number of specific questions were raised about assessment, wording of particular items, and requirements in anatomy and physiology.  Jones moved and Zink seconded a motion to table the motion to approve.  Discussion was tabled by unanimous consent.  The proposal will be reconsidered at the next meeting of Academic Council.
  2. Proposed Minor in Business Administration.  Tibbs moved and Jones seconded approval of the proposed minor in business administration.  McDougall explained that the minor would give students in non-business majors the background for entry into the MBA program.  There is considerable interest campus-wide in the minor.  A question was raised about the size of the minor (30 credit hours).  Frazier responded that the number of credits is an honest reflection of actual pre-requisites.  Jones observed that the goals and objectives of the minor are not completely clear.  McDougall agreed to submit a clarified statement of goals and objectives with the final proposal as it goes to the Board.  The motion passed unanimously.


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