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November 5, 1996

November 5, 1996

    Holt (presiding), Buckenmyer, Caskey, Farmer, Frazier, Hinni, Jones, Kogge, McDougall, Nahikian-Nelms, Roeder, Skelton, Tibbs, Wooldridge (for Stennis-Williams), Zink
A.     Minutes of September 3, 1996 approved as is. 

B.     Action Items 

  1. Undergraduate Major in International Business.  McDougall reviewed the rationale and requirements for the proposed B.S.B.A. in International Business.  Its curriculum consists primarily of existing courses organized with an international focus.  Frazier asked about the costs students might have to bear to participate in international business internships. Heischmidt responded that not all students will intern outside of the country; some will work in the international units of businesses located in the region.  McDougall added that there are also paid internships.  Jones raised a question about the meaning of the “foreign language proficiency” requirement.  Heischmidt responded that native speakers of English will be required to take nine credit hours of foreign language.  Students whose first language is other than English would take more courses in cultural studies.  Tibbs remarked that there may be considerable overlap between GG150 and UI308 and suggested that students be given other international options from the General Education three hundred level interdisciplinary curriculum.  Jones suggested developing new courses on global issues in that category.  Heischmidt agreed that this would be desirable.  Jones moved and Nahikian-Nelms seconded approval.  The motion passed unanimously.

  3. Deletion of the Art Education Minor.  The Department of Art proposes to drop the minor requirement on the B.S.Ed. in Art Education.  The proposal has been approved by the college councils of Liberal Arts and Education.  McDougall moved and Caskey seconded approval.  The motion passed unanimously.
C.     Discussion Item 
    Winter Intersession.   The winter break is now being used to offer for-credit experiences involving foreign travel.  It has been suggested that there are many other uses that could be made of an intersession--to offer special seminars, preparatory workshops, etc.  Meanwhile there have been requests to list existing “intersession” courses separately, to adjust faculty loads, and to reflect the period during which such courses were taken accurately on student transcripts.  Kogge distributed a handout summarizing some of the issues that would need to be resolved to have a formal intersession.  It was agreed that a major calendar restructuring issue of this kind does not fall within the purview of Academic Council.  However, specific concerns, such as a separate listing for “intersession” courses in the course schedule, could be handled without a formal intersession.


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