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September 3, 1996

September 3, 1996

    Holt (presiding), Caskey, Frazier, Hinni, Jones, Keys, Kogge, Nahikian-Nelms, Stennis-Williams, Tibbs
    Overmann, Maud, Strauss, Herring
A.     Minutes of March 5, 1996, approved with no changes. 

B.     Action Items 

  1. Dance Minor.  Strauss distributed goals and objectives of the dance minor for discussion.  The purpose of the minor is to provide a basic understanding of the history, cultural significance, and aesthetics of dance.  Jones moved and Tibbs seconded approval.  The motion passed unanimously.

  3. Physical Education Minor.  Maud briefly reviewed the proposed minor in physical education.  After some discussion of the structure of the minor, Jones moved and Frazier seconded a motion to table the proposal until the new Chairperson of Physical Education (who just arrived on campus) has had time to review the minor.  The motion passed unanimously.

  5. Environmental Science and Environmental Studies Minors.  Overmann reviewed the proposed minors.  Kogge asked whether they are distinct minors.  The curricular structure clearly shows that they are--one for science and one for non-science majors.  Frazier moved and Nahikian-Nelms seconded approval of the two minors.  The motion passed unanimously.
C.     Information 
  1. Professional Development Schools.  Stennis-Williams introduced and Herring reviewed the Professional Development School Project Agreement.  Stennis-Williams pointed out that this agreement involved much joint planning between the University and the schools involved.  Herring observed that the main objective of the program is to improve field experiences by giving sophomore students a full day of school activities.

  3. Unified Science Majors in Biology and Earth Science.  Tibbs reviewed that curricula of the Biology Education (Unified Science) and Earth Science Education (Unified Science) majors.  The restructuring of these curricula is in response to DESE requirements.


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