Student Organizations

Construction Management Organization (CMo)

Offers professional development, social interaction, and leadership opportunities to the students in the Construction Management and Design program of the Department of Polytechnic Studies (Polytech).  If you would like more information about CMo, contact Mr. Kevin McMeel (  Visit the CMo website -  .

Electric Vehicle Club

Offers members a chance to be involved in all aspects of designing and building electric vehicles, including both the electrical and mechanical systems. With sufficient interest, the club would like to enter vehicles into competitions and/or construct practical vehicles for commercial use. Open to all students, regardless of background or major.

Student Photography Association

The Student Photography Association (SPA) provides members with opportunities to make photographic work in digital or film. Film processes include developing and printing of original photographic work; toning prints; using halo chrome and liquid light, and other darkroom techniques. Members organize photographic field trips and outings for additional experience.

The Student Photography Association exists to encourage students and provide opportunities for students to produce photographic work, including organizing photo excursions, developing film negatives, printing enlargements in the darkroom, hand coloring and toning, and mounting photography exhibits. The organization is supervised by the Commercial Photography division of the Department of Polytechnic Studies.

Events have included trips to Johnson Shut-Ins, The Foundry Art Centre, Butterfly House, and the Missouri Botanical Garden. Projects have included sepia toning prints, using medium format cameras, using Liquid Light, experimenting with Holga and pinhole cameras, and demonstrations using special darkroom techniques.


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