“America’s economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on cybersecurity.”

President Barack Obama
“You don’t have to be a hacker to steal a credit card number. On underground Web marketplaces, thieves routinely buy and sell personal data—including bank log-in information. And the advertised prices are surprising.”

Barrett Sheridan, journalist working for Newsweek.
“I have witnessed the evolution of cybersecurity as, first, a minor topic and, increasingly, as a major topic for businesses and society. With the adoption of the Internet for business, banking, and social networking, more and more of the information of our daily lives is digitally captured. The time and the need have never been greater for individuals to be trained with the knowledge to protect computer systems and data.”

R. David Hulsey, CISA, CISM
AT&T Chief Security Office
1981 Southeast graduate
"There is an increasing demand for Cybersecurity professionals in Health Care due to the confidential nature of the data we are being asked to share outside of our traditional networks. Patients are expecting secure access to protected health information and the government is mandating we share information to improve the quality of care. Cyberserurity professionals help us insure we share our data confidentially and securely."

Jay McGuire
Director of Information Systems
Southeast Missouri Hospital


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