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While talking on your cell phone, your data disappears. You type in your credit card information while shopping online and cyber thieves record your data. You access online banking and someone steals your passwords and savings. An invasive worm at the local power plant’s industrial control computer system shuts down the power in your city. Hackers break into the air traffic control system and suspend air traffic. These are examples of how cyber espionage can affect your personal life.

Government and private sector computer networks are constantly targeted by cyber attacks from foreign nations seeking military advantage, terrorist organizations and cyber thieves who want to disrupt world security, communication or financial systems. Think WikiLeaks!

What is cybersecurity? According to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, cybersecurity involves protecting information by preventing, detecting and responding to attacks. Society relies on the Internet for communication and to store personal, financial, health and government records. Securing these systems is critical to our privacy, economy and national security.
As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the means by which you can be attacked.  This is where cybersecurity begins.


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