This course is 16 hours and costs $150 per officer. The class is limited to 10 participants.

Course Summary

The Patrol Rifle – This 16 Hour course (8 hours classroom, 8 hours range) is designed to introduce the officer to the patrol rifle. Weapon deployment, carry condition, and limitations will be studied. In order to be certified, the police officer must pass a weapon proficiency course of fire.

Please bring the following items with you to class:

  • Magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle with metallic sights (optional)
  • Shooting sling and/or carry sling
  • Minimum of three magazines or loading devices
  • Ear protection – MANDATORY
  • Wrap-around eye protection – MANDATORY
  • Shooting mat or blanket
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Spotting scopes – optional but encouraged
  • Rifle magazine pouches – optional but encouraged
  • Baseball cap for safety purposes – MANDATORY
  • Suitable range clothing – including rain gear and boots
  • 200 rounds of rifle ammunition


Due to recent ammunition shortages, the law enforcement academy no longer provides ammunition for this course. You must supply 200 rounds of rifle ammunition to complete this course

Location: Law Enforcement Academy

To reserve your seat and obtain training site info, please call the Law Enforcement Academy at 290-5110.

Clients are served on a first come-first serve basis.

Continuing Education Units awarded for the successful completion of this course include:

  • Interpersonal: 0
  • Legal Studies: 0
  • Technical Studies: 4
  • Skill Development: 8
  • Firearms: 4
  • TOTAL CEUs: 16

Attendance Policy

"Students attending Continuing Education programs sponsored by the Southeast Missouri State University Law Enforcement Academy must attend all of the regular blocks of instruction in order to receive a certificate of completion. In Continuing Education Programs, which consist of discreet blocks of instruction, the student may receive continuing education credits for those blocks which are actually completed."

- Carl Kinnison, Director

If you have questions or are interested in attending this or any other Academy training, please call the Academy at (573) 290-5110 for details.


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Law Enforcement Academy
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