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This intense 40-hour course costs $825 and is brought to you by Krav Maga Worldwide. For more information, go to  To register for this class, click here and complete the form.  
NOTE - This class is for sworn law enforcement only.

Course Summary:
At a time when attacks on officers are at an all-time high, self-defense is one of the most crucial skills an officer must develop and maintain.  This extremely physical course covers the basic tenants of Krav Maga which is a system that does not rely on size or strength for effectiveness.  It also gives you a firm grasp on how to teach the principles of Krav Maga to officers within your agency including:

Basic Combatives, Self Defense, Handgun Disarms & Retention, Long Gun Disarms & Retention,  Arrest & Control (Searching, Handcuffing, Arm Controls, Takedowns, & Team Tactics), Defenses Against Attacks with a Blunt Weapon.

Continuing Education Units awarded for the successful completion of this course include:
Interpersonal:  0
Legal:  0
Technical:  0
Skill Development:  40 
Firearms:  0

Attendance Policy:
"Students attending Continuing Education programs sponsored by the Southeast Missouri State University Law Enforcement Academy must attend all of the regular blocks of instruction in order to receive a certificate of completion.  In Continuing Education Programs, which consist of discreet blocks of instruction, the student may receive continuing education credits for those blocks which are actually completed."  
- Carl Kinnison, Director

If you have questions or are interested in attending this or any other Academy training, please call the Academy at (573) 290-5110 for details.


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