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Jail Officer Course- 40 Hours Course

The Jail Officer Basic Course should be attended by all jail staff members.  The cost is $250. This course is not included in the CEU contract.  There is a minimum participation of 10 students required for this course to be offered.

Course Summary:
This course not only provides a comprehensive look at jail operations, jail population management, and many jail-related duties and activities for the new officer, but it also provides the experienced officer with procedures for dealing with day-to-day events that may have provided frustration and confusion in the past.  In addition, the course provides jail administrators a court-defensible training program, which supplements correspondence courses, in the event of a law suit against jail staff by inmates.  Finally, the course provides jail staff with common ground training so that all members will be operating from a common base of knowledge and understanding.

Topics to be Taught Include: 

  • Constitutional considerations in dealing with inmates’ rights and privileges, and grievance procedures;
  • Use of Force in a corrections environment to include forced cell move procedures and practice, dealing with aggressive behavior,  disciplinary problems, defensive tactics for jail personnel and jail patrol procedures;
  • Psychological disorder recognition and suicide awareness and prevention, Special Need Inmates and ADA;
  • Dealing with stress;
  • Blood borne pathogens;
  • Inmate processing and documentation, to include intake, bond procedures and extradition;
  • Jail security procedures to include cell searches, and prisoner transport;
  • Response to emergencies, to include: fires, suicide, hostage, natural disaster, and riots.
  • Tactical Communications with inmates and other staff members.

Continuing Education Units awarded for the successful completion of this course include:
Interpersonal:  4
Legal Studies:  4 
Technical Studies:  28 
Skill Development:  4 
Firearms:  0 

Attendance Policy:
"Students attending Continuing Education programs sponsored by the Southeast Missouri State University Law Enforcement Academy must attend all of the regular blocks of instruction in order to receive a certificate of completion.  In Continuing Education Programs, which consist of discreet blocks of instruction, the student may receive continuing education credits for those blocks which are actually completed."  
- Dr. Michael Brown, Director

If you have questions or are interested in attending this or any other Academy training, please call the Academy at (573) 290-5110 for details.


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