Once an officer realizes that the suspect has no intention of willing compliance, there is no choice but to subdue the individual by force. If the officer is not trained in a compliance system, the officer has the tendency to resort to impact weapons, before they should be employed, increasing the officer's and department’s liability exposure. The Academy Ground Fighting Course can provide the officer that system.

The 28-hour ground fighting courses are scheduled on demand.  The cost is $150, for those not enrolled in the Continuing Education Contract Program.  Call Lawrence Fleming at (573) 290-5111 for details of the course, and to enroll.

Course Summary:
Developed by Lawrence Fleming this is a Comprehensive Officer Survival Program that is reality based, and court defensible and does not rely on size or strength for effectiveness.

Continuing Education Units awarded for the successful completion of this course include:
Interpersonal:  0
Legal:  2
Technical:  10
Skill Development:  16 
Firearms:  0

Attendance Policy:
"Students attending Continuing Education programs sponsored by the Southeast Missouri State University Law Enforcement Academy must attend all of the regular blocks of instruction in order to receive a certificate of completion.  In Continuing Education Programs, which consist of discreet blocks of instruction, the student may receive continuing education credits for those blocks which are actually completed."  
- Dr. Michael Brown, Director

If you have questions or are interested in attending this or any other Academy training, please call the Academy at (573) 290-5110 for details.


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