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Reporting Sexual Assault

The reporting of an incident of sexual assault is a difficult, yet important decision. The survivor's reporting of the assault may help recovery, provide support services, and prevent the offender from assaulting someone else. Call the Department of Public Safety at 651-2215 or off campus, the Cape Girardeau Police Department at 335-6621.

If the incident happened off-campus or the survivor wishes to report it to a local law enforcement agency, the University Police can help coordinate the effort. The reporting of the incident to the University Police is not the same as pressing charges against the offender. The University Police will discuss all options with survivor, including what support is available. Both the University Police and Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility encourage third-party reporting. This means a friend of the survivor can contact these departments to discuss reporting options.

The Cape Girardeau County Prosecutor's Office has a sexual assault survivor advocate who will discuss the importance of preserving evidence, the legal process, and what support is available.

Support Services for Victims

Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility has trained professionals available to discuss, in a private setting, the incident, help the survivor decide which reporting options are best, and make referrals to the appropriate support services. Support is provided to facilitate reporting the assault. If the request is reasonable, assistance is available in contacting the appropriate offices regarding changes in academic and living situations. Faculty, staff, friends, and family are encouraged to contact Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility to report assaults, to seek information and support, and to express concerns. There is no charge for any of these services.

The Campus Violence Prevention Program provides confidential support to inform students of their rights regarding reporting instances of violence and ensures access to counseling, victim advocacy, legal assistance, and supportive services available on campus and in the community. If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault or interpersonal violence, a confidential advocate is available 24/7 to assist with resources for support by contacting the Campus Violence Prevention Program.

Campus Violence Prevention Program
Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility
Crisp Hall 201

Medical help is important after a sexual assault. Treatment is available at Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility and two Cape Girardeau hospitals, Southeast Hospital,  Saint Francis Medical Center and Beacon Health SEMO-NASV.

Other support services include Southeast Hospital Social Services, St. Francis Hospital Social Services, Lutheran Family & Children Service, and Community Counseling Center.



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