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Planning & Assessment Information

Planning and Assessment:

Southeast Missouri State University engages in an annual goal-setting process that is tied to a regular cycle of planning, implementation and assessment. Periodic strategic plans are developed through an iterative process involving significant input from all University stakeholder groups. The strategic plans are developed within the parameters established by the University mission and are approved by the Board of Regents. The logistics of the Strategic Plan development are controlled by the University's chief planning body, the Administrative Council, which is composed of representatives from all facets of the University community.

Annual goals are based on the university strategic plan. The University engages in an extensive assessment and data analysis program to inform the goal-setting process. The University's primary data warehouse is developed and maintained by the Office of Institutional Research. Student Learning Outcomes assessment is coordinated by the Office of University Assessment. For some assessment parameters, comparisons are made between University performance and external benchmarks such as national averages at comparable institutions. University performance trends across time are also considered during the goal-setting process. Primary focus is given to student success and the attainment of student learning outcomes. Some goals are elevated to the status of Academic Quality Improvement Program projects.

Division goals are developed by each vice president with input from division faculty, staff, students and appropriate external constituents. Every May, vice presidents discuss last year's accomplishments and next year's division goals with the president. The president develops an annual University report which highlights the university’s accomplishments from the previous year and key goals for the upcoming year. The president presents this document to the faculty and staff and shares the document with the University community through the University website and other means. The University's annual budgeting process, implemented by the Budget Review Committee, is informed by the planning and assessment process.


Planning & Assessment Information
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