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Benefits of Membership


With 900,000 distinguished members worldwide and 282 accredited colleges and universities throughout the United States, the Philippines and Puerto Rico


Such as the Phi Kappa Phi Scholar Award, the Phi Kappa Phi Artist Award, and Phi Kappa Phi 21st Century Award that recognize the scholarly and artistic endeavors of Society members and their contributions to society


Opportunities exist at the chapter, regional, and national levels. Members may serve as chapter officers; local, regional, or national committee chairs or members; and/or members of the twelve-person National Board of Directors


To up-to-date Society and member information via the Society's official Web site at


Opportunities at local and regional conferences and at national triennial conventions and symposiums


That include the Society's scholarly journal National Forum and the Society's bi-monthly newsletter, The Phi Kappa Phi Newsletter 

Publishing Opportunities

Exist for members to have their work featured in the Society's scholarly journal, National Forum, and within The Phi Kappa Phi Newsletter. Plans are also underway to offer a new Society magazine, whose primary target audience will be student members and will offer publishing opportunities for students. 


For superior academic performance. 

Research Grants 

To further worthy research endeavors by members, groups of members, or organizations with which members are affiliated through the Society's Promotion of Excellence Grant Program. 


Of peers and employers for well-recognized mark of achievement associated with membership. 

Scholarly Presentations and Programs

At national conventions, regional conferences, and chapter-sponsored symposiums; members have opportunities to both attend as well as present their work at numerous Phi Kappa Phi-sponsored events. 


In the form of Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowships and Awards of Excellence for students pursuing first-year graduate study that total $380,000 each year. Additionally, Phi Kappa Phi chapters award approximately $150,000 in scholarships on an annual basis. 


Suppport of the Society's mission; members, through contributions in the form of cash gifts, life insurance, bequests, and other forms of planned giving, can help Phi Kappa Phi expand its scholarships, grants, and awards programs so that an ever-increasing number of exemplary Phi Kappa Phi members can be recognized and rewarded for their worthy endeavors.


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