Electrical Applications

Electrical Applications

Recommended Course Path

59 Hour Major - No Minor Required

Course Number Course Name Hrs.
EP100 Physics and Engineering Concepts 1
EP240 Circuit Analysis 4
EP261 Engineering Mechanics - Statics 3
EP262 or PH370 Engr Mech-Dynamics or Mechanics 3
EP340 Electronic Circuits 4
EP372 Signals and Systems 3
EP480 Capstone Design 1
EP481 Capstone Experience (UI450) 3
PH230/030 General Physics I 5
PH231/031 General Physics II 5
PH345 Experimental Methods I (UI330) 3
PH360 Modern Physics 3
PH371 Electromagnetics 3

Electrical Applications (18 hours)

Course Number Course Name Hrs.
EP305 Digital and Analog System Design 3
EP310 Microcomputer Interfacing 3
EP361 Thermal Analysis 3
EP374 Control Systems 3
EP462 Materials Science 3
PH341 Optics 3

Additional Requirements: 29 Hours

Course Number Course Name Hrs.
CH185/05/085 General Chemistry I 5
CS177 Programming for Scientists & Engrs 3
MA140 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 5
MA144 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 4
MA240 Analytic Geometry and Calculus III 3
MA345 Linear Algebra 3
MA350 Differential Equations I 3
MN120 Fundamentals Engr Design Processes 3

University Studies Courses: 39 hours


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