Rhodes Hall 206


Aquatic Entomology, Freshwater Ecology, Anatomy and Physiology


Ph.D. University of Missouri - Columbia, 1999


I have a strong background in entomology and mainly focus on ecological questions in aquatic systems. My graduate students and I have completed projects ranging from insect inventories to the effects of prescribed burning on resident hill prairie formicids.


I am an avid traveler. These adventures have taken me around the world and afforded me the opportunity to experience cultures and perspectives that I never would have had if I stayed within the boundaries of my native country.

Selected publications:

  • Wood D. L. and C. L. Brennon. 2013. First vouchered record of Strumigenys louisianae (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Illinois. The Great Lakes Entomologist 46(3-4): 235-237.
  • Wood D. L., A. J. Bornstein and K. A. Byers. 2012. Matelea decipiens (Asclepiadaceae): A new county record from Illinois. Castanea 78(1): 79-81.
  • Sites R. W., K. B. Simpson and D. L. Wood. 2012. The stink bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) of Missouri. The Great Lakes Entomologist 45(3&4): 134-163.
  • Wood D. L. and A. J. Bornstein. 2011. Notes on the biology of Obolaria virginica (Gentianaceae) in Southeast Missouri, and the effects of leaf litter on emergence and flower production. Castanea 76: 157-163.